Thursday, May 31, 2018

Japanese Garden: yes it was this GREEN!

Once again I am unable to come up with words that can fairly describe the beauty of where we went Tuesday, the Japanese Garden in Washington Park, Portland.

Every view, every step, every shift of focus revealed a wealth of color, texture, and shape.

Rocks and water features combined and complemented each other.

Pathways directed your feet at the same time they captured your eye with gentle smoothness, or your imagination with puzzle-like complexity. 

Towering trees shaded tiny moss below.

Just when you began to feel the master gardeners hand in every thing, and the careful placement of every plant, a family of ducks swam by.   

The Koi were also fun to see.

Finally, the display of Bonsai were quite intriguing. These were both hundreds of years old.

One wonders if they have belonged to families of master gardeners, or were bought and sold over the years.

For anyone traveling through Portland, this garden is a must-see.


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