Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Count Down To Summer 2019, or To Blog or Not to Blog!

Except for our January trip to visit our son in Myanmar, we have been quite content to stay put on our site at Jojoba Hills RV Resort near Temecula, CA since the end of October.

There really has not been much to post about. We have been quite healthy and at peace. Actually, "lazy" would be the best description of our days at Jojoba Hills.

With this to look at out our side window,  who can blame us!

The Spring weather has been terrific. There was a lot of rain, and in breaking the California drought, it caused a super-bloom of wildflowers.

A single California Poppy is a delicate bit of beauty.

When billions bloom it is a sight to remember.

We went for a hike in the poppy covered hills near Lake Elsinore, (about 20 miles from Temecula) a week or so before they peaked!  It actually got better than this! One weekend there were so many visitors they had to close the road and trails.

We took hundreds of pictures that day. This was one hillside where the poppies were intermixed with pretty purple flowers.

On another day we drove over to Diamond Lake (near Hemet) to their Wildflower Trail.

Although there were some poppies, most of these hills were covered by a sea of yellow blooms.

A view from the trail that would make a great jigsaw puzzle.

Sometimes you have to just look down at the weeds along the trail to see the magical shapes of nature.

I didn't finish the series of posts about our Asian trip, but I plan on finishing that story  as "second parts" to my regular posts over the summer. I was never quite sure writing about our trip really belonged in my RV travel blog, and got a bad case of "writer's block"

So, on June 3 we will be pulling out again in the Alfa, and will be visiting Colorado, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Ontario, Michigan, and then heading back to California by way of Phoenix and Algodones, Mexico.  Being a very organized person, I have made reservations for most of the trip.  You can see when and where we will be on the side bar, to the right,  under Pages.
Click on: Summer 2019, Locations and Dates.

I hope I can get back in the groove of blogging.  After all, it is a great motivation to take and process our pictures. I do enjoy writing about what we are up to, and hope you will enjoy sharing our new adventures.


  1. I'm glad to see you posting again, but sad that you aren't making it all the way to Ottawa to Camp Laura. I'll be looking forward to reading about your trip. Keep well. Laura

  2. I enjoy reading your blogs and seeing where you go. It helps us with trip planning for future travels. Happy trails!

  3. Please blog. For those of us stuck in one place this year it's really nice to travel along with folks.

  4. Staying at Jojoba Hills would be easy but then it no longer becomes an adventure.
    Glad you finally sat down and wrote about your plans and everything leading up to it. Many use their RV Blog for personal notation. The Blog belongs to you so don't feel bad that you didn't have the Alpha along for the ride.
    Can't tell where you are going. The link says I'm not authorized to peak.
    Wishing you both the best and looking forward to reading about your adventures and maybe crossing paths again.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the adventures.

    It's about time.

  5. Don't miss Wisconsin. You are so near. If you get here (Madison), call or email us.

  6. Blogging is personal journey if you wish to continue, we do enjoy your postings. Safe travels on your journeys and exploring Ontario, our home base, maybe we can catch up in your travels again.

  7. Well, good! I have missed your blogs! Lovely pictures of the spring flowers!

  8. Well, I understand fully your motivation to post (or not to post). I slow way down on my posting when we're idle somewhere but write a lot when we're on the move. Your posts are always among the best, both in writing and photography, and I look forward to each one. Loved all the flowers in this post; I'm sure the locals haven't seen anything like that during the long drought. Nicely done!

  9. Love reading about your travels and Jojoba Hills...


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