Thursday, May 30, 2019

Thursday and #10 Pyinoolwin

Thursday, May 30 : Craig did his last volunteer job of the spring this morning, meter reading, here at Jojoba. This park was built by volunteers, and many of the things that keep down our operating costs are done by volunteers. This is a good thing.

I want to thank you all for the wonderful coments you left on my "To Blog or Not To Blog" post. It is the encouragement I needed to get going again. I wish I had kept up my blogging when my memories were fresh, but the pictures help remind me of the neat things we did.

The story of our Myanmar trip continues:

The inner walls of the Pagoda we visited in Mandalay were covered with mirrors. Some were being repaired.

This is NOT a "racial slur", but I truly think some of the workmen I saw were part monkey! OSHA would never approve this balancing job as safe. The man in red is barefoot!

Nicki left us in Mandalay to go back to work in Yangon. 

Pyinoolwin Jan 3, 2019
But, Joko had made such a great plan for us we felt we still had a "local" guide.

The weather continued to be cool and sunny. Perfect for outdoor sight seeing.

Our next stop was Pyinoolwin, where we spent some time at a botanical park.

So graceful!

Although there were many beautiful plants in bloom, the flowers in this piece are all fake. I guess they didn't want LOVE to fade. 🙂

We chose not to get lunch from one of the vendors even though the menu included a couple of "Western" items: Cheese Sandwish, and a Mini Barger.

After we checked into our hotel, we went off to explore the local market. The pictures speak for themselves.

Of course there were many nonfood items for sale as well. These markets can be found in every town. They are where the locals buy their food on a daily basis. On seeing this plenty, I understand Nicki's insistence that "Myanmar is a rich country." It may not be rich by Western standards, but the people do not go hungry.

To top off a facinating but tiring day, Joko and I went for a foot massage.

We opted for the full, clothed, body massage. Oh so good. I was too relaxed to take more than this one quick shot of Joko!

Much more to come!

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