Sunday, July 14, 2019


I want to start this post with a big THANK YOU for all my RV friends that have been following along and leaving comments. I write the blog to keep my memories, and to give us a good reason to take pictures as we go. But reading your comments is "the frosting on the cake" so to speak. Welcome aboard, it's more fun to have friends along than to travel alone. 

After our awning failed, and our neighbors at the Iowa State Fair Park Campground helped us secure it with Gorilla tape and ropes, Craig started calling RV repair shops, and found one about ten miles down the road that could help us remove and stow it.

We held our breath and successfully got there without any further disaster.

The guys at Plaza RV in Bondurant, IA got it off and helped us get the 17 foot awning, on its roller, into the Alfa through the side window in the slide. The arms fit into one of the bays. 

We bundled it up in bubble wrap, and will be stepping over it until we can arrange for a repair or replacement. That probably won't happen until fall. The awkward part is that we will have to move it every time we bring in the slide. The picture to the right is when the slide is out. 

The travel position, when the slide is in,  is up against the recliner chair and the kitchen cabinets. I can't cook or use the chair with it there! 

Oh well, just one more little thing to do before each move. Not wonderful but manageable. 

Just a note: I bought these Kokopelli Rugs from a roadside vendor last fall in Salt Lake City. There is one more in the bathroom. 

The drive to Davenport was uneventful, except for getting a bit lost when making the last turn to get to the park. My map showed a right turn, but Craig saw a sign that he thought was for our campground that indicated a left turn. We turned left and ended up having to make about a five mile detour. 

Eventually we did find the West Lake Campground and happily settled in. It is a very nice county park. We had full hook-ups for only $24 per night. The only drawback was that it is "first come first serve" and you have to have your rig parked on a site before registering. This was fine for a Tuesday arrival, but we noted that by Friday the park was full for the weekend.

The next morning, on recommendation of Flowergirl, we went for a nice country breakfast at the Machine Shed.

It reminded us of a Cracker Barrel. Good down home food. 

One of our morning adventures was a walk along the Mississippi River. 

No walking, no river?  Craig was just waiting for me to catch up, and he looked so relaxed I had to capture the moment.

Here's the river view! This was one big barge, made up of several smaller ones, that we watched go downriver.

Then we spent some time wandering around Davenport's 2nd street where several recommended places were located. The weather has been very hot and humid, and we just don't seem to have very much energy. The Sky Walk was closed for repairs, and one of the pubs near the river was closed because it had been flooded this spring.

The Chocolate Manor shop was on the "things to do list" so we stopped in and had yummy chocolate treats.

The Figge Art Museum was wonderful. We appreciated the free admission that extends through August of this year. The air conditioning was more than welcome as well.

I really enjoyed the Vanessa German exhibit. It was unique, playful, but had meaningful punch. 

These figures were a takeoff of the "Washington Crossing the Delaware" scene.

I like "fun" art. The museum also had a nice variety of classics, and some wonderful photography.

Fried pickles and portobello mushrooms at the Barrel House.

A good day of playing tourist ended with some interesting eats at the Barrel House. Each of these huge plates of food was just a "starter". But for us it was a filling lunch, and although very tasty, they have satisfied our desire for deep-fried goodies for a long time to come.

There is one thing no RVer wants to see while driving their rig:

There are many low clearance railroad bridges in the Davenport downtown area. Not all are as well marked as this one was.

Fortunately we were only driving the Jeep. But from the dings and dents, it was apparent that some taller vehicles have not made it under this one without making an impact.

We wrapped up our time in Davenport with a wash day at a local laundromat and the discovery of a Hy-Vee grocery chain store. We find Walmart Supercenters to be reliable places to shop, and I'm glad to see them all over, but it is nice to find a "better" store from time to time. Hy-Vee had some pretty good quality fresh produce and meats.

Our next stop is in Shipshewana Indiana, before we go to White Pigeon MI for new jacks!  

Gotta love those names "Shipshewana and White Pigeon."

What is your favorite place name?


  1. Had one of those low bridge encounters recently, saw it in plenty of time to back up easily and reroute. How about Toad Suck, Arkansas for a crazy name?

  2. Like those rugs you have but didn't pay attention if they were there last year.
    The Flea market in Shipshewana is during the week and if you plan on seeing it all wear good walking shoes and only stop to eat or drink. The Essaun Haus is not far away in Middleberry and if you enjoy Home Cooking you will waddle out of there or have leftovers for another meal.
    You will also be in the heart of the RV Manufacturing so you might get your awning fixed sooner then you think. You could also take a factory tour to see how RVs are built. In Elkhart you have the National RV Museum also worth a visit.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your adventure.

    It's about time.

  3. Here are a couple of place names that I like: Walla Walla, Washington and Boring, Oregon. I always enjoy reading your blog!


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