Thursday, September 3, 2020

First Few Days in Port Orford, Oregon

On Tuesday we took the "long" drive down the coast to Port Orford. All of 24 miles! We are staying in a tiny RV park on highway 101called Camp Blanco RV. It has all of 25 sites, and most of them seem to be filled by seasonal or long term residents. But, unlike many similar places the units are not terribly run down, nor are they the big flashy class A's found in what I think of as the "La-De-Da" parks. 

I found it in mid-May when after all of our Canadian plans were cancelled, and I started looking for a cool place to escape from the hot late summer weather. At first, I could not find anything available in August, including here, but after some thought I called back to check on September. Bingo, we got a month reservation at the great price of $395. 

"Cool" is a good description of the weather so far. While our home base (Jojoba Hills) in Southern California is looking at temperatures well over 100° this week, Port Orford has been in the 60s. Yesterday the fog rolled in at about 5 PM, and cleared about 11 AM this morning.

I Found several short but interesting walks near our park. Today we went on the first, on Coast Guard Hill.

It started out with a ferny forest path that was nicely level.






The fog was just starting to clear when we got to the first overlook.

This bench was located where you could sit and watch the fog lifting for the day.

An interesting tree.















We have been very lucky to see so much beautiful scenery in our travels, and are looking forward to much more in our month here in Port Orford. We are always looking for suggestions of places to see or hike, so if you know of any hidden gems in this area, please comment!


  1. There's quite a few little lakes just north of town aways near the ocean that have a lot of trails around them. I forgot their names but look on a map for the little lakes which are parks with trails. There's also paradise beach out of town near the big market.
    The working harbor is a fun place to hung out but I think it may be closed to the public because of the virus. Same as Cape Blanco state park and light house which has some hiking at the old Hughe's house river access down along the river to the ocean.
    Port Orford is a cool place as it's so close to the ocean and rarely gets real hot there.

  2. Just looked, Foras Lake state park if it is open has some hiking trails.

  3. Your pictures made me homesick. I lived in Port Orford for 7 years and just moved in July to Grants Pass. It is beautiful place and you will enjoy exploring.

  4. Making us jealous with all the beautiful scenery. Someplace we'd like to visit.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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