Monday, September 27, 2021

September 2021

I have not been keeping up with the blog again, so this is a catch up post.

Overall, we have had a very pleasant September. We have met up with and/or visited two of our favorite RV couples: Jeannie and Eldo, and Karen and Steve, but for some reason the cameras never got used. Both meetings were very nice.  It is always good to see your online friends in person, even if it is only once every few years.

After a week in St. Ignace we traveled north to Tahquamenon Falls. It was one of the places we wanted to stop at on our Lake Superior Circle tour a few years back, but cancelled so we could stop at a recommended place on the Canadian side.

There are two falls located in the park. The lower falls are a cascade.

Upper Falls

The Upper Falls are taller and there was  quite a lot of water coming over.











We also took a couple of nice walks along the river that was by our campground.

The cloudy sky was reflected as silver. The UP is one of my favorite late summer destinations. We had pleasant temperatures, few mosquitos or other bugs, and a couple of rain storms.



The next stop was at Munising Tourist Park. We were here once before and had done most of the usual walks and other activities. The gal at the office suggested we take a half hour drive, west, to see Lakenenland Junk Yard Art.


It was a delightful collection of large "found object" sculptures, that you could either drive or walk past. Worth every penny of the free admission.
We also went on their Bog Walk. The ground was dry alongside the planks, but you could see that in wetter weather it would be quite soggy and the planks would be necessary.

When we visited Karen and Steve, we stayed at the Oconto Holtwood park. We took a stroll along the river at sunset. The water was so still it was a perfect mirror.   

One of the necessities of having a motorhome is the need for maintenance and upkeep. This month we had our roof recovered in Alexandria, Minnesota. It took four days, during which we were able to stay in the Alfa. For some other repairs we have had, we were not able to be in the rig when it was in the shop. For the roofing we could, and it was odd to sleep in the Alfa while inside a building.

Not every driving day is easy. We had to leave Alexandria before 6 AM in order to get to Brainerd MN for a 8:15 AM appointment at Pleasureland RV, to have our new Blue Ox tow cable evaluated and ultimately replaced. In addition to being much too early for our taste, it rained very hard all the way there. This was particularly stressful because it was so dark and we were on unfamiliar roads.

All I can say is we were both glad when we got there without any problems.

After Pleasureland we had only eight more miles to go to our next stop, Lum Park on Rice lake.


When we went for our park walk, Craig let go of some of the stress by trying out the dinosaur slide. 

Yes, he did slide down.  There were no children around.

On Saturday we took a long drive around a couple of scenic road routes to look for fall color.

The color is starting to show, but it will be a while before it comes to peak.

In many places it seems like only the tops and tips of the trees have been kissed with color.

We will be in Minnesota for another two weeks, so I do expect to see a lot more fall color. I got a reservation for the upcoming week, the last week of September, but I don't yet know where we will be going after that. I have called or otherwise checked a number of RV parks in "good color" spots, only to find out they will either be closed after October 1, or are already full. After a carefully planned and reserved summer, this give ME a bit of anxiety. 

 If nothing else, there is always Walmart!

Check back to see where we land.

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  1. Campgrounds still packed?....Yuck, this has not been a great 2 years for those of us who don't care for concrete plans..Where's the adventure and fun?..
    Anyways I'm glad to hear the skeeters have decided the season is over for you.
    Take Care..David


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