Monday, May 2, 2022

We Shoot Horses


I think his muzzle is dirty
from little hands giving him a pat.

Since we are spending four days in Shawnee, Oklahoma, we decided to look around and see some of the local highlights. In 2007-08 the town followed the fad, started in Switzerland in 1998,  of putting up artist- enhanced fiberglass animals around town, as a tourist attraction. 

Shawnee choose horses. Many are gone, and some are a bit faded, but on Sunday we found and "shot" 13 of them. 

Each horse was sponsored, either by the artist or by a business. This one was sponsored by the Regal Car dealership.

Sponsored by the Angelic Family Hospice, this horse had angel wings.

There were many names on this one.

A Bank

One of my favorites, done with dot painting with a restaurant's name on its side.

The sign said "Hole in One" outside a SONIC.

Another Bank

I'm not sure who sponsored this one. It was in front of a dental office, and had this weed control sign at its feet.

The U-Haul Horse

This Eagle Horse was in front of an insurance company.

In front of a church, we weren't sure if he was covered with fish or praying hands.

This beauty, sponsored by another bank, was my number one favorite.


And finally this guy in front of the Van's Pig Stand, a BBQ restaurant. We had dinner there. The ribs were pretty good, but the rest of the meal was not.

Monday a big rain storm came through. So we hunkered down, enjoyed reading our books and writing this blog post.

Check in again soon.


  1. There was a lot of thought put into painting some of those horses. Nice.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the nicer weather.

    It's about time.

  2. A small town in Illinois did that too, but with pigs!! I remember the one in front of the bank was covered in pennies!!!


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