Friday, December 9, 2022

May Pictures

Since Merikay hasn't posted in this blog since May, but we both continued to take pictures through most of our summer transcontinental trip, Craig is posting the best of the images, in five monthly installments.  

Seeing these posts will be easier if you have either of two things: fast Internet access or a lot of patience.  Preferably both!

Our hiking trail went over the bridge, but the creek had flooded.


Chapel in the forest

The Mississippi River looked pretty normal, as we crossed it going east.

This was about as close to a bear as we have ever been!

Scenic dead tree in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Craig on ramp to an observation tower in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Our grandson Jeremy and his friend Sreya at MIT graduation.
Both very high in academic standing.

MIT graduation ceremony, May 27 2022

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