Monday, September 20, 2010

There Will be Storage

If it were up to me, just about everything in this house would either get sold or donated.

 If it were up to Craig, just about everything in this house would be kept.

Somehow we will have to come to a meeting of the minds.  But one thing I do know is there will be storage of some size or another.  Perhaps two units would be appropriate.  A closet size one for me, and a warehouse for him.

I'm determined to not let this issue get to me.  At this point it is definitely "putting the horse before the cart."

Craig has been working very hard to help with the painting, and I think when we get thru that he will be equally motivated to work on the inside.

But every time I mention getting rid of something he looks very unhappy!
Either we pay rent on something like this

this may be our toad!

All of the full timers out there have gone thru it.  

Many of the future full timers are working on it.

Does it ever go easy for both husband and wife?

Daily countdown:
 408 days  Or 1 year, 1 month, 13 days until the house goes on the market.


  1. I don't think so. I can pitch DH's stuff real easy--it's sorting through my own that is hard.

    BUT, when you do the math on the rental and the amount of time you'll be gone, it gets really easy to let go of stuff unless it has extreme sentimental value. As in, a loved one MADE that and there is no equivalent to be bought.

    Anything else I hoard, like fabric, furniture, toys, all of it could be replaced if it had to be.

  2. Since I'm not an RVer, I can't say specifically about that, however, I can say from my experience in downsizing (less than 1/2 the previous home) that many things I thought I couldn't part with became dispensable after I found my new home. Reality has a way of coming up behind you and laughing so loud you're embarrassed!

    I didn't know exactly what I would be in after the move, but I knew I wanted to downsize. Once the move was done, it was easier to decide what to keep and what to pass on to the kids as early inheritances.

    Advice: BE SURE YOU MARK ALL PACKED BOXES VERY WELL. You'll thank yourself later. Go ahead and store what you're not sure about, and after a few months, a year or so, you'll know whether you're going to stay on the road, i.e., get rid of a lot, or may want solid ground again, i.e., glad you kept [fill in the blank]. If you decide to cull out and get rid, you'll love that the boxes are marked, even if you feel as if you're writing a book on each box now.

  3. We loved getting rid of stuff... once started, it got much easier... and it really came with a sense freedom - freedom from all the stuff that used to own us. However, Mike still keeps a small closet at his dad's house and I have some things in my van (also at his dad's house). The rest was given to our daughter, sold, or just tossed. Good luck finding that balance.

  4. When Al mentions something he wants to keep that I don't think is realistic, I say, "fine" but it goes in the motor home basement. Maybe you and Craig should go look at Rv's and pay particular attention to the storage compartments. You may not have to say anything. He will definitely have to turn loose of some stuff. It is definitely a challenge.

  5. Gin and I are on the same page. Things are just things, memories are within us. Maybe the two of you need to spend a week or so in an RV and see how little you really need to be happy. I just had a fortune cookie and the saying is, "A small house can hold as much happiness as a big one." That's it in a nutshell.


  6. It's probably a little early to get too concerned about getting rid of everything. At least that's how I see it.

  7. I can't comment on the couples thing for obvious reasons, but are you sure he wants to do this? From what I've read, it seems like if both of you don't want it, it could cause real problems...just saying. :)

  8. I have the same concern as Judy...does hubby really want to be a full-timer? It really does take a lot of "letting go of stuff". It was no problem for me to part with "stuff", but I thought my husband would have a problem with it...but he never did. He misses a couple of tools that he thinks he should have kept, but he can replace them.

  9. Kevin had the fulltime dream earlier than I did. It took me some time to get used to the idea. Maybe Craig just needs more time to process everything. The more I thought about the advantages of the lifestyle, the less important the stuff became. In the end, we only kept about 5 bins of things in our son's basement. When I saw how much stuff we ended up donating, I was sorry I had ever bought so much of it!

  10. We started out with two storage units in 11/06. We are down to one ~ half is Ron's tools and stuff for plumbing ~ we will be deciding this winter if we are going to try to resurrect our business or not. If not, more will be sold and gotten rid of and we can downsize to a smaller storage unit.

    We have eliminated a lot of stuff but still have lots ~ we are going to go through things again this winter and see what we can get rid of this time around.

    I do hope you and Craig get on the same page ~ it will make things easier as you go.

  11. I see my darling wife already responded to this, I am a bit slower I guess :)

    My experience with getting rid of stuff has always been very positive and freeing. I have never known anyone that felt differently after they paired things down. It may not be as obvious while you are doing it, but at significant end points like when you can release a storage unit no longer needed, it becomes very freeing. It is often a very long process too so no harm in starting it now even if you both eventually decide you don't want to be full-timers. Stuff tends to own us, we are responsible for it just as if we had more kids. Right now that one closet full of stuff at my Dad's place, is a responsibility. It is one that I wish I didn't have to think about or deal with. I don't miss anything that is in it. Even in our small van, there are things I just don't use and will be removed as I find other things I want to have more. Living our lifestyle really helps to keep that stuff under control.

    I hope that you and Craig come to a happy place that works for you both and provides you freedom :) The Rhino looks great!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"


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