Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The value of reading Blogs, and what we did this weekend.

First off I want to thank all of you who take the time to share your experiences and pictures via your blogs. I don't know if what I write will ever help anyone, but I hope it does when some other "wanna- be" reads about my hard work to get free of the "sticks and bricks!"

I started noting the interesting things about the blogs I read, but found there was something about every one of them.  If not today, then certainly in past postings.

One that I particularly enjoyed today was twiggy by Wandering Sville.  Interesting pictures of a praying mantis feeding at a hummingbird feeder.  OK, maybe not earth shattering information, but something I had never seen before.

Another thought provoking Blog is Thoughts for Tuesday by an non RVer, Lynilu, about the effect we all have on the world every day.

Mentioning these two among the many  is probably preaching to the choir, but I felt compelled to anyway!

Now on to the less interesting:  What we did this weekend!

On Saturday, Craig built a platform over the stairs outside the kitchen so that I could safely paint there.

Started that work on Monday.

On Sunday, while Craig was doing some more high painting, I worked on some of the animal sculptures I have to do.  I finished the Zebra Monday morning and will continue adding layers of paint to the elephant until I am happy with it.  The Rhino in the back of the picture should be ready to ship by next week.

So there is a peak into my trivial and boring life!


  1. You're a brave woman climbing on that ladder to paint. I'm a coward!

    I agree about reading blogs and although I feel I waste too much time reading them, I do learn a lot. I should "learn" less though and get in gear so we can get on the road too!

  2. I agree with Karen and Al becareful climbing on that ladder,I fell once and broke two ribs.

    And I to need to stop reading so many blogs and get busy getting the house ready.

  3. Thanks, Merikay. I've learned so much from blogs I read, too. It is good to listen and learn from others. Blogging has opened many doors for me. I like Facebook for other reasons, but I'll probably never give up the blog for that reason. Are you on FB? If so, contact me there.

  4. We learn so much from others via their blogs. I believe that someday, because of the blogs, we will all have many friends all over this country!

  5. I enjoy reading too many blogs too.

    You are making me really nervous looking at that ladder.

    I don't find your blog boring at all - I like looking at your "animal" photos.

    From one survivor to another, thanks, and have a good week.

  6. Thanks for the mention. Blogs do tend to bring people together form different backgrounds and let us have a more expanded vision of our world. I'm afraid of heights. That's why God made me short. ;) Be careful on that ladder.


  7. I read a lot of blogs too, and I really enjoy finding out what folks are up to - even if it doesn't appear to be much. It makes me feel better because there are an awful lot of days when I'm not up to much either.

    I enjoy your blog and always find it interesting to read, so keep it up.

  8. Agree completely about learning from other blogs! Some are great for humorous reasons, some for inspirational purposes and some are just plain interesting. I have met a few of my blogger friends as well which has been a lot of fun!

    Always enjoy reading your posts Merikay! Good work on the house!

    97 RT 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  9. It's getting late, so I guess I'd better stop reading my favorite blogs. :) Just had to get yours in, though. :)


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