Monday, July 25, 2011

RV Storage

Living at the summit of a very small mountain, I often have a choice as to which side of the "hill" I want to do business on.

Although we have not yet bought an RV, I have been researching where to store one once we do get it.

Craig has the idea that he could park it here on our land. Yes, it would be nice to have it at home.  There is a pad and electricity where the old shed was.  But getting it there would not be easy.  The road is narrow, the turns are  tight, and there are way to many old, untrimmed trees to drop branches on it in the place where he would like to put it. One good tear or dent in the roof would cost more than several months of storage fees. 

So I have been calling storage places on both sides of the hill.

Last week I called a few on the San Jose side.  None had available spaces.  I explained I was only looking for information and pricing.  Seems the rate is between $100 - $160 per month.  

Today I called a place on the Santa Cruz side.  They had six open spaces for 35' RV's or boats and charge $89 pr month.  That's a little better. I just need to know what our options are.

I have also watched all of the RV Driver Confidence Course Videos that Karen mentioned.  They seem like they will be very helpful.  I plan on watching them several times over.  Craig needs to watch them too.

Other than that, I'm not sure what I'll be up to this week.  A little art work, a little housework and a little dreamin!

Hope you all have a good week too!


  1. It's so much fun and so exciting to do all the planning for buying an RV. And then the real fun begins.

  2. wow..i think i will turn our property into a rv storage place! Good thing to find out about beforehand...

  3. You are so organized! What an exciting time for you. Can hardly wait to see what you end up with. I'm sure it will be great.

  4. The guy that created those videos for Lazy Days is a great teacher, I took my lessons with him.

  5. keeping the dream alive is a good thing and exploring all the options before you make any decisions!!

  6. You probably have thought of this, but be sure to check overhead routes to your house for when you want to get the rig ready for a trip and unloading when returning home! Tree branches rubbing on the roof/air/frig box are not good!

    And, you may not be allowed to park on your property! Have you checked that? Many cities don't allow that! =/

  7. We are very fortunate in that we have our Motor Home parked right on our property just a few steps away. I sure would not be happy if it were miles away locked up in a storage facility. I like the idea of having it here in case of a major power outage, etc. I like popping in & out of it all the time doing this & that. If it were me with your property I would seriously be looking at trimming some branches & you might be surprised at how manueverable a big rig really is once you get used to it.

  8. I am so glad your rv dream came back to life. It's a shame you won't be able to store it on your property. It makes it so much easier to get ready for a trip.

    I'm glad you watched the driving course video. I got more out of them after we actually took the coarse and got to drive the big motorhome. We will watch them again. Don't forget they have those classes in Tucson.

    Watch for security on the storage lots. We knew someone that had had theirs stolen from a locked facility.

    I've been noticing a few itasca motor homes lately..very nice!

  9. i too watched those videos and when I first got behind the wheel of our rig I was a lot more confident from having done so...

  10. If at all possible, I'd try and get the RV on your property. It is so nice to have it so close when it is time to load up and hit the road. I've read of several people whose RV's were broken into at storage lots - if that's the only choice, check into their security system.

  11. I think I would put the dreaming ahead of the housework....just saying!!
    We had problems finding a place to store our MH before we went full-time. Not many places around here that could accommodate a 40 DP. Luckily we only had to store it for about 2 weeks. I agree with Al, perhaps you guys could trim some of those trees and park it on your property!! That would be more secure and easier to pack for a trip. Good luck!!

  12. I echo what others have said, if you have the space and can get your RV on your property safely, do it. It might be worth the cost of trimming some trees.

    We stored our MH out in Concord at a "safe and secure" storage place for about $170 a month (How quickly I forget!) and it was broken into!
    (Interestingly, after parking in more than 100 campgrounds and rv parks we've never had a problem!)

    It's a hassle to pack up the car and take it to the storage spot. Then, when you're heading home you have to park and unload it all. I don't miss that at all! If you can park the rig at home you can plug it in and get the fridge cooling before you go, too!

    One other thing, we had looked at storing our rig in Alameda, which would have been a lot closer. But, if we stored it that close to the water it was going to cause a big increase in insurance rates. Remember, Santa Cruz is a salty place. That's not good for motorhome parts.


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