Friday, October 14, 2011

First Drive OUT

Well, we made it out of our drive and out of our road, but it was not easy and it was not "pretty!"

As Craig eased the Alfa out of it's parking place everything seemed good:

But, as he came around the curve where the evil tree had been, he got too close to its root and got a bit hung up.

Unfortunately this dented the lower edge along the  bottom of the driver's side.  Not too bad.  But dented.

We got out of the upper drive and went down to the lower drive to turn around. 

Unfortunately, Craig started the turn into the driveway a bit too soon and came very very close to the jagged stone wall:

Stop!  Look out!
But after a few careful moves he was in the clear:

He straightened it out and was able to do a clean back out:

Not a lot of extra room, but we did it!

Then he was able to turn it around and we were headed up the road.  I did get out once more to watch the side as we edged past a tight curve along a rocky wall, but otherwise we were quite OK.

The next 1/2 mile were a little scary.  As we approached the worse of the tight, blind curves, I suggested Craig blow the horn before edging around it.  That was good because there was  car coming  the other way.

Next we had to merge onto the freeway in rush our traffic, but that went OK.

The next 44 miles were smooth.  A bit stop and go, but no problems.

We had a small problem actually finding the KOA.  Passed the entrance twice! But once we found it and a couple of guys helped us park we got settled in OK. 

We did have one more minor mishap.  A box of Kleenex was in the way of the slide edge and bent the trim a little.  I'm way too tired to be upset about it.

Taking along a precooked meal was a good idea. The white bean chili tasted pretty good!

We even got the oven lit and baked a par-baked bread from Trader Joe's!

After dinner we went for a night walk.  

The only bad thing about the Moss Landing KOA so far is that the water smells like rotten eggs!  Glad I brought a big bottle of water for coffee tomorrow!

So, a few dings, a few problems, but so far so good!

 We did it!


  1. A little bit of "butt clenching" going on there.
    We used to have some low hanging branch issues getting to our place, but all it meant was simply choosing another route. Our house is in the burbs.
    You almost need a flag man out in front.
    Carrying a long armed tree trimmer!
    Have fun!

  2. I'm glad to hear you made it safe and for the most part, sound!

    Hopefully parking it back at the house will be a bit easier. That first picture sure looked like the Alfa was sitting very low, but I guess it was just the photograph.

    Have fun and thanks for keeping us updated!

  3. With Craig tie dye shirt, you two can feel like a couple of gypsy's now! Good job Craig!

  4. All in all you done good! The first time we pulled our MH out of our driveway, I thot hubby was going to turn it over as he "clipped" the ditch -- he didn't, but it was close!

  5. Don't get discouraged by a few little dings and problems. There is a definite learning curve. We've all experienced it. Enjoy your weekend!!!

  6. only a few minor glitches but we are glad you made it safely out of the driveway!!..enjoy the weekend!!!!

  7. I wonder - will you take it back home, or find a storage facility?

  8. now you have your first boo boos, you can relax. we thought our first were a pain in the tush, but they can be repaired.

    so glad you are out and about. you have been very patient.

  9. Woohoo, congratulations. Take a deep breath, these things happen even to the best. Saw you sitting in the driver's seat but you didn't mention it. I hope you plan on driving too. Never know when it might be needed so don't wait until it is to get comfortable with it.

  10. Sounds like you earned that glass of wine! Next time should be a bit easier but don't be surpised or discouraged if it takes a little while to get the hang of it.

  11. WHEW! You made it! The first dings are always the hardest but now that's over with, you can relax somewhat. That's some good driving to get out of there. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  12. Like the lady says, once you get the first ding, then the next ones aren't so important! The main thing is you got out! White bean chili sounds good!

  13. Getting out of that drive & private road is hair raising! but once on the road, it all melts away huh? Have a great weekend out! The dinner looks scrumptous.
    Do you carry a water filter for RV parks? If not, get one in the future & also a water pressure regulator. I always go with a full water tank because I have no clue what waters will be like at destinations. Plus I want to shower & such while traveling. And I know the water I've put in my tank! Some folks go half full, some just fill up when they get there.

  14. Howdy Merikay & Craig,

    How'd you ever get that thing in there???
    Craig, you did a WONDERFUL JOB!!!
    Merikay, you did a TREMENDOUS JOB of sweating!!!!!!
    I started to say yesterday 'DON'T
    but restrained myself.. Our first
    trip; I tore off the water-bay door
    and the commode flooded the coach,
    while we were at supper!! ITZ PAR
    FOR THE COURSE!!!! The first ding
    is the heartbreaker; after that
    they're just dings...
    Wishing y'all smooth roads, clear
    skies & balmy breezes!!!

  15. Woo-Hoo! Good for you! The rig looks beautiful despite the rough start. How exciting that you are beginning to live your dream!

  16. Nice job on getting away from that rock wall! A little ding's o.k., it's the big ones that are the problem and it looks like you avoided that!

  17. Your first outing! Despite the first trip made it! Hope you are sitting in Moss Landing now, watching the sea otters & sea lions :)

  18. Hey Merikay and Craig,
    Glad to have you as neighbors for a few days! I love your Motorhome! You make me want to go out looking!

  19. Sounds like some adjustments will be needed to insure you can get in and out o in the future.

    But you're at the campground finally and can do some relaxing finally!

    Have fun!


  20. You are out there............Yipppeee

  21. Good for you guys! That little ding is nothing compared to the one I got on my first outing. You're in a pretty tight spot along that road.

    Now you can relax. Sounds like a very successful day! Can you believe you finally did it? :)

  22. Congratulations on that first outing. Enjoy! That celebratory glass of wine sounds like a good idea.

  23. Wow! Craig is Superman! Getting that big Alpha out of that skinny driveway with a rock wall is amazing. Unfortunately we've all had some "dings" along the way. Glad you made it to KOA and had a good weekend.


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