Wednesday, October 26, 2011

If the Government is Buying Elephants ...

I got a call from Craig this afternoon. 
 He said "If the government is buying Elephants ... it must be a sign of a Republican takeover."

He can check our primary email from anywhere and was able to see and read an incoming order for a Large Elephant placed by someone in Washington DC with a .gov email address.  

I cannot tell you who the order was from, but I can tell you it was not from Barack Obama!

They also ordered a Warthog.

My animal sales have been very slow this fall. 

 Heck, slow is not the word, nonexistent is more like it. I had a very good summer, but this is my first order in six weeks. 

 If I considered myself a "real" business, I would have to close up shop.   A few years ago I would be booked solid with Christmas orders by now.  

Maybe it is part of a job stimulus package. 

 My job.

This is a repeat customer.  Last year they bought a Tiger and a Rhino. 

Actually, I don't think it is "the government."  I think my customer is someone who lives in DC and works for the government, hence the .gov email.  

But selling an elephant to the Obama administration  makes a fun story.

And it's good to have some work to do.  

It makes me feel loved.


  1. Glad you got the job and it did make for a great post.

  2. Wonder if you might get an order from Washington for a bunch of Ostrich's one day:))

  3. If I had a business like yours, I'd market the government in DC. They have the money and might want an elephant or donkey to display, or to give for a gift. In fact, I'd send flyers to all the governor's offices. I think your animal heads would be wonderful on the walls. You never know...

    Glad you got the orders. :)

  4. With elections once again on the horizon, perhaps your business will see an upturn. :)

  5. just feel the love and get to work!! elephant is better than nothing!

  6. Funny!! Glad you got an order and now you can work your magic!! Keep us posted on the your work!!

  7. When you get full-time on the road, you won't have much time to make and sell those animals. Take delight in the one, and yes, it made a fun story!

  8. Glad you got the orders. Hopefully, things will pick up for Christmas.

  9. I love the title of this post, makes me smile.

  10. Haha, too funny.
    Do you have one mounted in The Big White Thing? They are really cute.

  11. If it does turn out to be a government order, make sure you charge them at least double or they will think you are too cheap and will not place any more orders to you:)

  12. so glad you have a makes an artist smile!

  13. Interesting observation. You might be on to something here.

    Now if you get orders for equal numbers of donkeys, I'm going to start wondering...


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