Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Good News, Bad News, Good News

Good news:  There was no mouse activity lat night.  Traps undisturbed.  Bait untouched.  No black bits anywhere.

Bad News: We had our first good rain Monday night.  We had the slides closed.  Since it was going to rain again last night, Craig wanted to sleep up in the Alfa.  When we went up and put out the slides we discovered the rug was wet behind the pilot seat and about three feet along the edge of the slide.  There were no wet spots on the ceiling.  There is a little wet on one of the walls were the water seems to be wicking up from the floor wall joint.  

It rained very heavy last night.  The wet area did not get bigger or wetter, so we think it only leaked when the slide was closed. 

Good News:  I've gotten one good answer from BearII on the RV Dreamers forum as to how we can fix it.  Seems his Alfa fiver had the same problem.

Good News: The furnace works in the Alfa.

Good News:  The County says it will trim the trees on Hutchinson Road.  When?  Maybe next week!  I'll keep my fingers crossed on both the trees and the leak.

Sleeping in the Alfa during a rainstorm was quite interesting to say the least.  There was very little wind, no thunder, but we got over an inch of downpour.

I told Craig a tree might fall on us in the night, and then our daughter or son would have to update my blog with "Merikay dies in Alfa and she never got out of the driveway!"  


  1. Good news - you are making progress.
    Good news - it's fun to listen to the rain in a motorhome
    Good news - leaks can be fixed
    Good news - mice gone for now....


  2. Well let's hope there will no updates from your children but it would be a shame if you never got the Alfa out of the driveway. ☺ Good to hear the trees will be trimmed shortly (no pun intended!)

  3. Love this post just glad it ended with good news. :)

  4. We were in a very heavy rain last year in IA -- it rained so hard and the wind blew hard & blew the rain sideways into the cabinets above our couch -- there was NO leaks, just heavy rain & wind.

  5. I lived with a small leak like that for four years in my last coach. I just used towels. Leaks is at least one thing I haven't had so far in this rig. Bad news, good news. :)

    You'll get out there soon, I'm sure.

  6. I love rain in the Duck. Sleeping is so cozy! Did you enjoy it, or was it just weird?

  7. Ahhhh water leaks... We had a water leak as well and had Collier use Seal Tech to find it and fix it.

    Hopefully you are able to get it resolved quickly.


  8. So glad your daughter didn't have to update the blog! I am also glad to hear you all enjoyed your "rainy night" in the Alfa. I love the sound of rain inside the MH when I'm sleeping...not wind though!!
    So glad to hear the trees are on a schedule to be trimmed or come down. That means the Alfa might go a road trip soon. :-)
    Don't worry about the leak...probably just need to check the seals.

  9. OMG don't even say that! (But I remember thinking, as I drove down the freeway on my first trip, "If I die today, at least I got my RV and drove it!)

    I worried about leaks,too, I hope you find an easy fix.

  10. Soooo glad that so far no mice. The leak thing isn't good. We kept hoping that we wouldn't see any leaks in our first couple nights. It poured that first weekend, but I'm glad to say nothing so far :)

  11. Always something with an RV. These problems sure make your brain work overtime, but it's better that playing Sodoku.

    You'll get all these little bugs taken care of, that's half the fun of Rving. ;c)

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  13. glad your post had a happy ending! mice now just a leak problem!!

  14. Oh no you guys are gonna be with us for many more years to come.
    It is raining on us in Cedar City Utah at this very second. Heater is blowing and it feels fantastic. Sounds fantastic. Like raining on a tin roof. I love it.
    Snow just 500 ft above us at Cedar Breaks and Brian Head. Will drive up there tomorrow and take some pics.

  15. Sorry about the leak, but am thrilled to hear about the trees so you can finally go on your maiden voyage! We all will be looking forward to that!!!

  16. Thought we had a leak in the Jeep last week but it turned out to be a loose cap on one of Kelly's water bottles sitting on the floor.

  17. Awesome! Glad there was more good news than bad. :) Maybe that mouse was a longer, and didn't bring along any buddies. I hope those trees get trimmed soon, so you can be on your way for your first adventure!! :)

  18. I think the best news is that Craig wants to spend the night in the Alpha. He's come a long way! Hope you can get out of the driveway soon and that you leave mouse-free.

  19. Its good to hear all these good things and the leak may be just a small fix like Erik said. Strong wind can play havoc while it rains. It may never leak again. I can't wait for the post that tells us the trees are trimmed and you are on your way out of the driveway.
    Keep that looking up attitude its nice to read a happier you

  20. Mostly good news -- YAY! Now when the trees are trimmed, get in that Alfa and GO -- don't worry about where, just GO and get started on the life you are trying to get into. You'll love it, even the little bumps along the way. It's all part of the adventure!

  21. Baby diapers make a great drip catcher. Ya know how much those suckers hold??? Just sayin'...

    When we owned a truckin' company we spent on horrific night durin' a major storm...rockin' and rollin'. I have a fear of storms anyway. Seem I always end up remindin' Jesus that He can calm the storm.

    It's O.K. ~~~~ He knows I'm nuts!

    God bless ya and have a beautiful weekend sweetie!!! :o)


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