Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why I don't want to leave "stuff" in the RV.

Although the Alfa is parked at home, the trek up to her pad and the job of packing and unpacking her for a trip is not trivial, but I don't want to start buying duplicate items for house and RV.  If we never planned on selling the house and living in the Alfa full time for a couple of years, I would.  However I feel that to double up on stuff would be moving in a defeatist direction.

If I need it in the Alfa, I probably need it in the house. I have left one of our vacuum cleaners up there, but that is because I have three! And I have bought several things specifically for her that stay there as well. I've also left towels, some cooking equipment, and wine glasses. We have so many in the house we don't need them.

I finished the three animals that were on order, and I have to pack them tomorrow.  After that, if the day is dry I want to go up to the Alfa and do some dusting.  The weather has been cold and rainy since we returned and I haven't done a good post trip clean.

Craig continues working on repairs. 

I'm starting to look into a short trip for the end of February.  Have to give the Alfa her exercise so she stays in good diesel health.  

Thats all for tonight. 

 Sleep well.


  1. you do what works for you!!..happy planning..February is almost here!!

  2. We are kind of in a criss cross mode of thought on that. Many things are duplicated in the rig and stay in the rig. Other stuff is carried in the house when we return & carried back out in the fall when we leave. Despite not traveling in the summer our coach sits pretty much ready to go at any time. We also keep it that way in case of power failures or other unforeseen dilemmas as home.

  3. Exercising the Alfa...sounds like a good excuse to me. :) I'm sure there are tons of great places to camp nearby. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  4. Hope you figure out a good trip for some Alfa-cize.


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