Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Mood Was Lifted When ...

Today, my mood was lifted when I started taking things up to the Alfa for our upcoming trip.

It's been so long since we took a trip that I don't remember where things should go. 

I won't do any serious packing until Saturday afternoon.

If I take things up sooner we are sure to need them at the house! The dining room table has become the staging area.  

I want to turn the refrigerator on Saturday night so I can load it at home Sunday.  For other trips I have put cold foods in a cooler and loaded it into the refrigerator when we got to our destination. When we went to San Diego we didn't use the refrigerator for the first week because we were parked on the street by our daughter's house.  But this trip will start with a five hour drive, and I have frozen things.  

The plan:
Saturday morning - Last loads of wash, grocery shop and Costco stop.

Saturday afternoon -  Load, empty water, Craig check tire air etc.

Sunday morning - Breakfast at home.  Bring Alfa down to front drive.  Fill fresh water tank and load cold food, pillows, and anything else not taken up to the Alfa on Saturday.

Departure - Sunday by 11:00 AM. Lunch at a rest stop.

Shingletown KOA for dinner!

I'm excited!


  1. i assume the KOA has water hookups so why fill your water tank before you leave?

  2. Make sure you have my phone number, Merikay! email me at Looking forward to seeing you on the 9th!! the kayaks are ready.

  3. Ah! The excitement of pre-journey preparations! It'll be here before you know it.

    The Shingletown KOA has a special place in our memories. That's where we were staying when we received the offer on our house. Enjoy!

    HeyDuke raises an excellent question. No reason to fill the tank. We usually travel with 1/3 tank or less - just enough to flush and stuff on the road. No reason to carry all that weight. And, water is heavy!

    We look forward to reading about your adventure!

  4. Don't you think the anticpation is 1/2 the fun?

  5. The anticipation is so exciting that the journey is relaxing in comparison. We too only travel with a small amount of water in the tank. No need for all the weight.

  6. the anticipation of travelling is half the month from today we will be sitting at our first stop for our summer vacation 2012!!

  7. Have fun! You deserve a nice break.

  8. We're excited for you! Have a great trip!

  9. Don't be afraid of the refrigerator. You can turn it on days in advance or even leave it on all the time. Then it will be cool when you are ready to put food in it. It will also run on propane so you could have used it when you were parked on the street. You don't need to fuss with coolers and their limited capacity and the iced melt.

  10. Whoo hooo! Nothing like a trip on the horizon to lift ones spirits. When you get to your first camp reward yourself with a glass of wine and a little snack (outside of course). Any remaining tension or low will disappear :-)

    Have a safe trip.


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