Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday at Lassen National Park

Just words in my post tonight. Craig took a lot of pictures today, but hasn't finished processing them yet.  

    Most of the day was spent driving and stopping at various spots along the way.  We drove from the North to the South entrance and then worked our way back. A couple of the trails we wanted to go on were not open.  We did do another four mile hike to see a really neat water fall. 

We will be moving on tomorrow morning. We are going about 60 miles to Burney Falls. 

We will be back.  We would like to stay at a RV place on the South East side of the park so we could explore more of it in that direction.  I am looking forward to staying in one place for several weeks at a time when we are full timers.  I want more than just a taste!

This KOA has been very nice.  I enjoyed the pool again when we got back from our hike today.

The only negative has been the weak Verizon signal. Since we also use the phone as our WiFi connection   loading blogs has been horribly slow, and most of the time getting an internet connection has been impossible.

But, as important as being connected is to us, enjoying the Parks is what we are here for.

Judy, your right.  It was Karen who expressed interest in hearing more about the weather around the country....

My poles?  I was reluctant to spend the money to buy them, and this has been my first chance to try them.  I give them a very big "thumbs Up."  They saved my ankle at least once today in a very rocky place.  I tried using ski poles, but the treking poles have more flex in the tip.  I used two most of the time, but when we got to some really rocky down hill trails, I used one and Craig used one.

One bad step could end hiking for a long time.  


  1. Internet signals come and go. Enjoying your time together is way more rewarding.
    After looking into the use of the poles, I now totatlly 'get it'.
    Handy things.

  2. That is interesting about the poles. Our California daughter used them when we were there and I wondered why poles over walking sticks. Now.... I see.

  3. I love our hiking poles. Got them from REI. They are fabulous for helping keep balance on rocky paths and just like you said, saving your ankles! :-)

  4. Love my hiking poles too! Can't imagine going without them now.

  5. As I am recovering from a broken ankle I sustained on the golf course, I use my hiking poles to get me around when I could first start walking. I will never hike without them, when I can hike again, and may take them on the golf course!

  6. For the first time I am considering hiking poles! Thanks Merikay! Have fun!


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