Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Las Vegas

Since I have never been to Las Vegas, I thought it might be fun to see the place.  CSI Las Vegas was one of my favorite shows when we had TV at the house. 

I checked my Passport America book and found a resort there.  I called and yes, I could get the PA discount and could make a reservation.  I booked for three nights, and although I didn't have to make a deposit, I requested an email confirmation.  Good thing I did, because when I checked in the desk lady didn't want to give me the discount.  I showed her the printed confirmation that noted the PA discount.  "Oh" she said, and found us a spot.

As I was walking out of the lobby (a quite nice place) a silly looking old lady wearing leather pants and a golf cap approached me with a hand full of coupons for the area. She was hustling people to sit through a sales presentation the next day. The lure was a "free" notebook computer, plus two free nights at the resort.  It was OK with Craig, so I said yes. We sat through the presentation saying "no" to everything.  At the end of  it all we managed to pass on the "no name" notebook as well. We would have had to pay $39 in shipping and handling. The salesman turned it into an extra free day's stay.  The best part was that we don't have to come back.  They let us add it onto our current stay.  So we ended up getting to stay at a decent place with two nice pools, a hot tub, and an exercise room  six nights for only $75 total.  Can't beat that! 

Pool at Oasis RV Resort, Las Vegas Nevada
On Friday, shortly after arriving, Craig hit his head on the underside of the slide while hooking up the water, and felt he needed to be driven to an ER.  Head cuts bleed profusely, and he had taken some Aleve earlier in the day which acts as a blood thinner. I looked at the cut when I gave him a wash rag to press on it and declared it "not too bad." But he was shook up by the blood running in his eyes and dripping on his shoes. By the time we got to the ER the bleeding had stopped. A doctor checked it and said he was fine and didn't need any stitches.  He felt silly, but I was happy because I would rather take him to the ER for a little thing than a heart attack or major accident.

That night we walked around the strip and went into a couple of stores and the MGM Casino. The weather was pretty cold and we were tired so we went back to the Alfa early.

I did a weeks worth of wash Saturday morning after the presentation, and then we went to The Mob Museum.  Several people have told me it was a great exhibit, but I have to say I was not wowed by it. 

I have seen several documentary shows on the History channel that covered the same subjects.  Some of the pictures and most of the stories were things I had seen before.  

Not money well spent.

Sunday there were two NFL playoff games Craig wanted to watch, so I went shopping at one of the outlet malls.  I'm not much of a shopping fanatic, but I enjoy looking for clothes more now that I'm thinner. I bought one new top and some fun socks.

Monday we went to Hoover Dam, which is the subject of my next post.  I feel we are making every day count, but are also taking our time to do mundane things like grocery shopping and the wash.

I could really get to like this lifestyle!

Beware of what you wish for.  While in Death Valley I said that I wished I knew more about geology. Like many RV parks, the Las Vegas resort has a free book exchange.  Guess what I found.

It is an older text book from California State University.  I have started to read it and am sure it is for a Geology 101 course.  I remember a lot that I have read so far, but my knowledge is mostly from grade school science, the Discovery Channel, and signage at park visitors stations.

It is never too late to learn!
What do you want to know more about?


  1. I am very glad to hear that Craig checked out ok--better safe than sorry. Las Vegas must feel surreal after the time you spent in Death Valley. Oasis looks like a very nice RV park.

  2. That's a real bargain for your stay in Vegas. Hope you have a wonderful time - and learn a lot from your new text book.

  3. I'm glad Craig's cut didn't need stitches, but I'll bet that hurt.
    I would like to learn more about birds. Their nesting patterns and what each bird is. I bought a new book on them but it is in the fifth wheel, waiting for me to read.

  4. Enjoy Las Vegas. It's probably cold there at this time of year, but if you have a chance, take time to see Red Rock Canyon west of town.

    Have you wandered into some of the casinos to see their decor. That's quite fun too. But you have to be careful not to drop too much money into the machines or onto the tables.

    We've spent quite a bit of time in Vegas because Bob's family lives there.


  5. Nice going on the bargoon. As long as you keep saying "no", you can take advantage of those situations.
    There are those who go to Vegas and never leave the casinos. It's a mystery to me, since I always want to go out to see Hoover Dam and tour around a bit. A couple shows and the Dam are all we're ever interested in.

  6. One thing that Harry and I both want to do is take horseback riding lessons. :)

  7. I learned something new from your post which is I didn't know Aleve acted as a blood thinner. Can't wait until your post on Hoover Dam..I love that place but haven't been there since they completed the bridge...there was the best book (fiction) called Big Red...I can't find it anywhere...maybe I will get lucky one day like you.

  8. Poor Craig. Glad to hear it wasn't too serious. I'm sure seeing all that blood would frighten anyone. Al hit his head on our slides many times and I have to confess I have too.

    Glad you're enjoying your trip.

  9. Sounds like a hard hat should be an accessory of RV's. Glad there was no concussion.
    Stay safe.
    Bev in NS

  10. I'm glad Craig is okay. That looks like a nice park you are staying at. I want to learn more about writing and getting published.

  11. If you have time you should check out Valley of the Fire State Park NE of town. It is spectacular. Also, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is worth the trip. Both have really neat red and white rocks that I think surpass the Sedona area by a mile.

  12. Glad Craig didn't need stitches. When I cracked my head open on the slide (and yes they bleed and bleed and bleed) I had to be glued back together. I also think you need to go to Red Rock Canyon. It's a short beautiful drive. So sorry you didn't like the mob museum. I've heard such great things about it. Also Fremont Street at night is a great experience.

  13. Homework? while on vacation. I often read books about the things I see and do while traveling, too. I don't think I would go to the "Mob Museum" - is that history? I don't think so. Those slides are not good, many people cut their head on them - I have read of people using the swimming noodles to soften the hard edges of the slides.


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