Monday, January 14, 2013


Monday: another change in direction!

Last May we had an unfortunate connection with a neighbor's tree that resulted in a big dent in the top rear corner of the Alfa. We had it fixed at a well-rated shop in San Jose. At the time we felt that although it looked pretty good, the price they charged our insurance carrier was way high. We also had them fix a few other smaller things, and were not pleased with their prices.

The repair looked pretty good. From the back, the Alfa  looked like new.

It hardly ever rains in California between May and October. This year we didn't have a big rain storm until mid-November. At the time we really didn't go up and check for leaks. Perhaps we should have.

On about the third morning of this trip, as I was looking up at the ceiling from the bed, I noticed a rather large water stain in the corner.

Because of the way the shadows are cast, you can hardly see it when standing in the bedroom. And when the slide is in, it is covered completely.

When I first spotted it, we decided we would take it back to where we had it fixed, when we returned home. 

But this morning Craig suggested we head back south and take it to Alfateers in Fontana. We were about 150 miles away, but we knew we would be so much happier with their work than fighting with the other guys. Plus there are several other minor things that need attention, including an air whistle on the passenger side, some places that need re-caulking, and tank sensors that are not reading correctly.  

We called to see if they could take us, and headed on over. They can't do anything until tomorrow, but we are now safely parked and hooked up in the parking lot. 

I hear it's still pretty chilly on the beach :-)


  1. Bummer. But still a lot less toil and trouble than a sticks and bricks.

  2. Most times getting things repaired on any rig it gets fixed better at the manufactures own service departments.

    Of all the Tank Sensors I've yet to hear of any that properly do the job.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Good thing you guys are flexible! Good luck with the repairs!

  4. Sure wish you were coming to Q. What a neat experience. The people, the area, the locals....We will return as long as John's health allows. What a neat place.

  5. Well, you are certainly learning all of the joys of rv ownership first hand! You're so good at handling those things, congratulations. Seems like there is always some little thing, or many little things, or some bigger things that all go bad at once! Glad you are close to a good place to fix them all. That's comforting. Best wishes to you both!

  6. Ack! Leaks. Hate them! Hope all repairs get done without a hitch.

  7. Smart move, Alfateers should be much more familiar with your rig and it will be cheaper in the long run because it'll be done right the first time.

  8. Water leaks are never fun. It's likely related to the damage that was repaired, but it's also possible it's something else. Remember, Eternabond is the greatest thing for sealing around the openings on rv roofs.

    Good luck with the repairs.


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