Friday, May 4, 2018

On The Road Again!

The first few days of our 2018 summer travels have been ever so nice!

When we sold our house and took off in an RV, I secretly wondered how long it would last.  Well, we are now over the five year mark, and we have not had a single regret. Oh, we have had some pretty rough moments, and there have been times when we wished we could have separate rigs. But those kinds of difficult times would probably happen in a house as well. We are human, and we have been married 52 years!  At the same time, good times seem better, and travel keeps us mentally and physically challenged and alert.  

Every time we have headed north from Southern California in the past, we have taken the fastest and easiest route, straight up the central valley on I-5.

This time I routed us on the east side of the Sierra Mountains. New roads, new sights.

Before heading north, we decided to go to Las Vegas to visit our good friends Joe and Betty. We met them several years ago at an RV park west of Yellowstone. We have kept in touch and meet up for dinner from time to time. They also have an Alfa, but have recently put it up for sale. They feel it is time to "hang up the keys." I only hope we have as many wonderful years as they have had. 

Our destination out of Las Vegas was Mono Lake, back in California. I remember driving past it once as we were returning from a ski trip to Mammoth Lake, and wishing we had time to stop to see the area.  Now we will have a few days to take in the sights, and the weather is more suitable.

One of the joys of RVing as retired people is we can take our time. Mono Lake is about 400 miles from Las Vegas, so I decided to make it a two day drive. Our first stop was at Tonopah Station, just an overnight in a parking lot behind a casino.

We really enjoyed the desert and mountain scenery going north. 

Below are two images taken through the windshield. There were more interesting views, but there were no good turn-outs to stop at with a large motorhome towing a Jeep. 

Alkali Silver Peak was in Mineral County (but this is not it)

This mountain had numerous road tracks. We think there was mining involved. 

We arrived at our RV park at Mono Lake just after noon giving us time to go over to the Visitors Center to see the exhibits, talk to a ranger, and watch the movie.

We also took a short walk along an educational nature walk that overlooked the lake.

There was just a bit of haze in the air, but the water was silken smooth. I have never seen so many shades of blue.

There were other things to see beside the lake, including baby swallows in their nests under the eaves,

and the pretty pink blossoms of Pink Peach bushes.

The ranger gave us some good suggestions for some easy hikes. 

Time to get these old bodies of ours moving again!

One last picture for the day: 

I really don't like to have a camera strap around the back of my neck. That is why I bought my COTTON 3G Camera Harness System, but I didn't have it along for this short walk.

Craig caught me taking a rest.

I also see I need a hair cut!

Tomorrow: ranger guided walk on the shore at 1:00 PM.


  1. Looking forward to the new season of your travels.
    One doesn't necessarily need to be retired in an RV to travel slowly without specific goals. But I suppose it helps. As I've been wandering about on motorcycle without specific bookings awaiting me, I've been afraid I'll get somewhere to find "no room at the inn"... Can't exactly sleep on the motorcycle. Fortunately that hasn't happened yet.

    1. Oh, but I always plan ahead somewhat. What I was trying to say is we now have time to stop and see more than if we had to get home to work. I have reservations for most of the time all summer. Not a true free spirit like you!

  2. I always enjoy reading your blogs, Merikay. Happy travels!

  3. So fun to see you on the road again. We love driving through Nevada.

  4. One of my favorite visitors centers. The great story of water in the west is explained so well.

  5. We seem to get along better traveling in our Trailer and have more disagreements when we are working around our site.
    Waiting to see what kind of adventures you find this yourself into this summer.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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