Friday, October 15, 2010


NOTE: The following occurred with humor, but also with a touch of truth.

Among the treasures we have moved from place to place for 46 years, was a foot locker type chest that I believe Craig must have used to take his things to college in the 60's.  It was not "quality." It was made with some sort of laminated pasteboard and had a torn wood grain paper lining. The hinges were rusted. It smelled. I put it out with the trash cans for this morning's pick up.

Last night after dinner I tied up the last load of kitchen waste and was going to take it out to the cans.

"I'll do it for you" says Craig....

He comes back in  "You are throwing away my good chest. "

"It smells moldy"  I say.

"You could put it out in the sun" he says hopefully. "Wouldn't it be perfect for  storage in the RV?"

I harden my heart and answer "They have big plastic see-thru bins for that."

"Oh" he sighs,  "Another of my family treasures gone." And made a sad little boy look and went back to reading his book.

I do believe this was just in fun.

BUT, he does read my blogs, and my mention of the computers opened another issue.

I put most of the items I plan on taking for the electronics recycling next to the front door.  The old Mac was in a box.

This morning he asked about it.  I showed it to him and pointed out that I had seen dumpsters full of the same type of machines at recycling events in the past.  It is NOT unique!

He agreed to let it go, but said it would haunt him all day thinking about old computers piling up in a dumpster!

So sad. But if people didn't keep upgrading he would not have a job!

Then he asked about the old Terminal.

 It was heavy and after I unwrapped it to see what it was I put it right into my van.  We looked at it and he says it goes with the other machine he wants to donate to the computer history museum. At some undefined future date ....

See Dear, it's back on a shelf in the garage.
 I tucked plastic around it after I took this picture.

Meanwhile, The guy came and bought the wine press and another is coming for three car boys later today.  Another $120 in the kitty. Thats the kind of progress I like.

Exercise Goal:
 miles on the treadmill, 
2.25 miles Friday

Total walked = 208.75 miles
Someday I will be hiking 1000 miles in National Parks!

Daily countdown:
383 days, or 1 year, 17 days.  To get the house fixed up!


  1. Oh my, you really are up against it. *smile*

    I did wonder if those old computer things were museum/collectables having read Rick's ( )comments about stuff he wished he still had.


  2. I have trouble letting go of stuff too. Which explains why my house looks the way it does. And I am raising packrats just like me. Though they are not bad about getting rid of toys they don't play with anymore.

    GOOD LUCK. Does Craig ever feel better about letting stuff go? I feel weighted down by my junk sometimes, so the feeling of getting something I am finally willing to let go of OUT of the house can feel good.

  3. The trunks I've been painting and decorating are like what you describe. I had to reinforce one of them on one end, because it was so deteriorated, but after painting, it looks pretty durn good. Now ... explain to Hubby, before he tries to us that to show you should have kept the trunk, mine are on a covered deck in a non-moving home!! LOL!

    And the Apple computer made me laugh! That was my fist Apple computer, circa 1991! Before that, I had an Atari, cream of the crop in the late 80s! Never strayed from Apple since then!

  4. Yep, busted for sure :)

    I tried to do that with a football jersey of Al's. I put it in the goodwill bag, but later felt guilty, took it out and asked him what he wanted to do with it. I think he donated it.

    Hang in there!

  5. I'm beginning to get a little concerned about Craig not wanting to turn loose of his treasures.

  6. Oh my, it's such a man thing. George has 500 or more (maybe 1000!)baseball type caps that he has collected over the years. I told him, you only have one head. What the heck are you going to do with these in the RV??
    My mantra is, if you take something you can't do without, then that's one less thing that we can take that we will NEED!

  7. I've had to throw out lots of computers and stuff over the years and hate doing it each time. I haven't seen an old Mac like that for years!

  8. That MAC looked like the one I used in 1990-92 working for the Opportunity Council in Bellingham. It was a good machine but it is definitely out dated.

    Thanks for the memories. I used to have an Atari too....boy was that a long time ago.


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