Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Toxic Waste

When they pulled down the shed  last spring, a five gallon of some very old chemical solvent was left behind.

 Today I called the county hazardous waste department to ask  to how to properly dispose of it.  I had expected them to just tell me where to take it, but they insisted on sending someone out.

The guy took a sample and did a "back of the truck" analysis, and gave me a note to the hazardous waste disposal center with what it was, so that they will take it.

 It had been left behind by the previous owners, or perhaps the ones before that. The previous owners tossed lots of things into the forest.  I'm glad this wasn't one of them.

A small step, but a necessary one.  I take it in on Thursday.

Doing the right thing for the environment.  I want to enjoy it for a long time.

Exercise Goal:
 miles on the treadmill, 
2.25 miles Tuesday
1 extra mile for Margie

Total walked = 215.25 miles
Someday I will be hiking 1000 miles in National Parks!


  1. You did your good deed for the environment. Just read your post from yesterday - Margie would be happy to know you walked an extra mile for her.

  2. What the heck was in that barrel? Your goal to walk an extra mile for Margie touches me deeply...

  3. I don't want to know what was in the barrel. But, thanks so much for taking the extra step to dispose of it properly.

  4. I'm glad you handles it that way, too. After my husband died, I had to clean out many chemicals, as his job included selling industrial chemicals, and there were samples of hundreds of things. The toxic waste center was, well, less than thrilled to see me coming with the whole pickup bed full! But it was done the right way, and I felt good about it.

  5. Good for you! I have some mercury to get rid of...in double plastic bags on my kitchen counter is NOT the right place for it.

  6. Well handled Merikay! I really appreciate seeing folks make the effort to do things like this the right way! Lead by example :)

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"


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