Monday, October 4, 2010

My part of the painting is done, well almost ...

I changed the background of the blog because although the entire job of painting the exterior of this house is not quite done, everything that I can do is, (with the small exception of a second coat on one small place that I have to wait on until Craig does the work above it.)

He still has plenty to do, and continues to show reluctance to talk about hiring anyone to do the final part.  He keeps saying he is not ready for them yet.  He continues to take Wednesdays off and has been working hard on weekends.

Anyway, I am taking about a month off.  I will be poking about looking for things to organize or discard, but I'm not going to start on any more repair work until November.

Might rain today.

Haven't had any since May.


  1. How wonderful that your painting job is done. It doesn't seem very long ago that you were talking about starting this very big project, and now you're finished. It probably feels longer to you than it does to me :)

    By the way, we'll be staying at Woods Valley Campground in Valley Center, CA for a month from mid December to mid January. It's $650 for the month for a full hook-up site including the electricity.

    It's about 30 miles from San Diego, but anything closer was ridiculously expensive.

    Enjoy your time off during the month of October!

  2. No rain since May? How does anything grow there? I bet it's a huge relief for you to be essentially done with the painting. :)

  3. Sounds like you are ready for a break from all that painting. I've been painting too and I'm SICK OF IT.

  4. Merikay,
    Going to the movies is not something I do, but I might just watch some Waltons DVDs tonight. They always have a happy ending and not much goes wrong in them. :)


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