Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dragon Fruit

Today was a busy Saturday as usual, but we decided to play hooky in the afternoon and drive up to Berkeley (about 45 miles) and go to our favorite store , Berkeley Bowl.

The store deserves it's own post, and since I took some pictures I will write one tomorrow!

Anyway, being adventurous eaters we bought something we had never eaten before.

A Dragon Fruit
A dragon Fruit.  They are red and about the size of a large pear.

When we got home, I Googled "Dragon Fruit" and found that they grow on a cactus like vine and are pollinated by bats.

The serving instructions were to cut it in half and spoon out the pulp,  then cube it and return it to the skin as a decorative bowl.

It was really quite good.  It tasted something like a kiwi fruit, and would be an interesting addition to any fruit salad.

 According to the web article they are very good for you, and high in vitamins, fiber, and all that stuff.

Well, Evelyn, something else for you to look for on your travels.

We also bought a  cherimoya but it has to ripen before we can eat it.  

If we can't have adventures on the road, we will just have to have them in the grocery store. 


  1. actually Merikay, that is part of the road adventure...getting to look in grocery stores in the different parts of the country is really kind of fun! something else for you to look forward to...

  2. I have tried a piece of dragon fruit before..a bit strange texture but not bad!!..good for you for being so brave to try new food items!!!

  3. you found one i hadn't heard of or seen before but looks a bit like a tuna fruit from a cacti... will have to try it when i find it...

  4. That Dragon Fruit looked like a good idea until I read 'pollinated by bats'. Nope, I'll stick with bananas.

  5. Cherimoya?? That's another one that I have never heard of. Make sure to post about that, okay? :)

  6. I love trying new foods, especially fruits. I've not tried that one, but I will if I ever find one. Guess I need to do some traveling!

  7. I'm headed to the produce stand for one last time today before we leave for Yuma tomorrow. I'll have to look for some more new foods to try. I'll definitely be buying more jicama.

    Keep having your little adventures. Before you know it, you'll be on one long adventure!

  8. I only heard of Dragon Fruits few years ago, and back then they were very expensive, $8 per lb! Now the price has gone down since last year. They also come in red meat, which I was told is more nutritious than the white. I don't really care for the taste so I don't buy them.

    Never heard of Cherimoya, just googled it and people said it's very tasty... waiting for your testimony...

  9. Merikay, The grocery store is an excellent place to have an adventure. I love the times when I get into exploring one rather than having grocery shopping being drudgery. I've not heard of dragon fruit. I'll look for it. Take care and hope to see you soon.


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