Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Something Different!

Sometimes, when I'm relaxing in the evening, and I don't feel like reading, I like to just look at the RV's for sale on the RVT site.

  Tonight I came across a floor plan I had never seen before.  

It has a staircase inside.

Where does it go?

To the Sky deck of course!

I don't think this is the model for us.  We are a bit more "down to earth" types!
But I'd like to see one someday.  (It is an Airstream.)

On the home front, I've gotten several  chores I put off until the New Year taken care of today, and resumed my treadmill walking!

Exercise Goal:
 miles on the treadmill, 

1.5 miles Monday
 miles Tuesday  
Total walked = 296.5 miles  Aiming for 500 miles by March 2011

Someday I will be hiking 1000 miles in National Parks!


  1. interesting layout!..don't know if it would work for us either!..have you ever seen the motorhome with the veranda that comes out as a slide!??..that one is a bit strange also!

  2. That is pretty cool - but we're not planning on a sky deck either. :) I haven't actually spent too much time looking at rvs for sale, maybe because we already know what we want.

  3. Interesting design! They seem to try to come up with new things every year.

  4. I'm kind of curious how that RV would hold up in the rain, both the sun deck and the roof. That's a pretty huge hole to seal!

  5. Interesting design but doesn't seem all that practical to me. The staircase takes up way too much living space and the roof deck doesn't look all that comfortable either.

  6. prolly great for a Nascar fan...

    it is fun to look online at the different options and that is how we found our current motorhome, although it was very hard to commit to pictures on the internet!!!

    your critters are very cute, btw!!!

  7. I'd like to see that trailer, too. It looks more like a park model. I can't imagine it being towed down the road.

  8. Maybe it's for the RVrs who want to RV but don't want to talk to anyone!!


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