Saturday, April 2, 2011

Good Day

Just a short note:  I had a very good day at the De Anza Flea Market.  It is not as "junkie" as some, and there was a steady flow of educated customers.  

They were knowledgeable enough to know what was a good price, and if I said no to a lower offer they still bought what they wanted.

The market is only held once a month at a local Jr. College.  You have to apply a month in advance.  This was my first time.  The lady next to me said that junk dealers might get in once, but were routinely rejected after that.

I won't be doing another until closer to the house being on the market.  I might do the one that is the first week of December and sell Christmas stuff.  We shall see.

The weather was good, so I didn't use the mold canopy.  I'm going to try spraying it with a bleach solution and if that doesn't work, just toss it .

Tired tonight.  Ready for bed.  I did see the sunrise this morning, but it was overcast.

Going to a BBQ party tomorrow.


  1. Glad you had such a positive experience at the Flea Market. Hopefully you were able to sell lots of stuff.
    I bet you are really tired tonight....that is hard work.

    Enjoy your BBQ tomorrow!! :-)

  2. Success, yeah!!!

    Have fun tomorrow. You've earned it.

  3. Glad you did well at the flea market. You sound tired so I hope you get some rest so you can enjoy that bar-b-que tomorrow.

  4. glad the sale was successful!..onwards and upwards!!..enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

  5. Good to hear the flea market was a success. Enjoy the BBQ on Sunday.

  6. You might want to try Awesome on the tent cover. It is $1 in a spray bottle at Dollar Tree. Read the bottle to be sure, but I don't think it should damage the cover. I used it on a vinyl golf cart cover that was yucky when we bought a used golf cart last year.

  7. I'm glad to hear the sale worked out well. Sounds like a good idea for Christmas stuff. We sold tons of that stuff last December and I was glad to be rid of it!

  8. Isn't it great when things turn out as planned? :)

  9. My grandpap always said good things happen to good people, sometimes theys just got to do a bit more searchin'. With all that there money ya got maybe now ya can aford to put some puctuation marks on yer title. I.M. suggestrin' ya might want to try: Merikay's Dreams are Written in Smoke$$$$$$

  10. I'm so glad the sale was a success! Now you can relax for a while until preparing for the next one.
    BBQ sounds good - have fun! :)

  11. Glad it was a good sale. Nice to have a place to go instead of just out of the garage. Its always helpful when you have a lot of potential customers.


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