Friday, April 22, 2011

NOT the right place to start a family!

For several days I have noticed a Stellar Jay flit past the kitchen window carrying bits of stick and straw.  I knew he or she was building a nest somewhere, but wasn't sure where. Last year they had one over the front door, and I saw the fat babies take their first flight.

picture from web
Some people don't like these birds, but I have enjoyed their antics.  When I had a small hanging bird feeder, they would try to get the seeds by hovering.  It was almost funny.

They are also notorious for raiding pet food bowls that go unfinished. When our dear old lab was off her feed, at the end, I would often toss some of the uneaten food out for the jays.

Today Craig saw the bird with a stick, and I told him I though they were building in the tandem garage. (A place you will her more about once I get in there to clean and fix it up.)  

It has  a half dutch door, open on the top, and also a hole in the wall that I think might have been built that way so the cats could get in and out. I know ours always used it and now I keep a mouse trap near the entrance to discourage any new occupants.

We went out to look for the nest and saw a lot of twigs on the floor inside the pass thru.  I thought that was odd, because I didn't think a bird would nest on the ground like that.

A look inside  told the story.

There was a coil of rope hanging on a nail just inside. Apparently the nest on the floor had fallen down from the rope and the bird had then continued to try to build another.

The mass of sticks was huge and very disorganized.  It contained paper, twine, string, grass, and twigs.

We took it and the rope down.  I will check other nesting spots in there from time to time over the next week.

 There are plenty of trees around.  This is not the place to start a new family!


  1. Oh, that's so sad. I hate it when they work and work, but the location just isn't right.
    Last year a bird kept flying into my Camellia tree with twigs, etc., but when I looked, I couldn't find a nest. I was hoping for babies, but I guess that didn't work out either.

  2. darn think they would pick a 'good spot' they have to start all over again!!..silly birds!

  3. What? More places to be cleaned out?!? You have so much energy, unlike me!

  4. That's why they call them 'bird brains' I guess. Gotta pick a better spot.

  5. Good thing they didn't finish the nest on the floor...I'm sure some critter that likes birds or bird eggs would have made short work of that family!

  6. We saw our first ever Stellar Jays in Colorado last fall. They are beautiful birds with their electric blue coloring. You sure live in a beautiful area!

  7. I have Blue Jays that try to eat from the bird feeders in my back yard and they're too big. I give them a big E for effort though.

  8. lol

    I must admit that rope kinda freaked me out for a minute! I couldn't figure out what it was! Hopefully they will take the hint from you!

    I have many "things" on our front porch for the birds and we usually have all kinds of nesting activity going on. The other day when we were at the house for Hubster to do some things in the yard while we're back, a robin seemed very upset at me for being in the driveway. I suspect there's a nest up there of Robin build... usually it's wren's or finches and used to be chickadee's, but the avian flu has all but taken them from our area.

  9. We don't see too many Jays here. Lots of cardinals, and of course robins. Have to get some good pictures of Cardinals.


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