Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ruby Falls TN

Last week our daughter asked if we still had an old Super 8 movie she had made for a 5th grade class assignment.  I knew just were it was, and in the process of getting it out I also brought out a box of old family films and the projector.  She has offered to take them and have them transfered to a digital medium.

There aren't very many, and for the last few nights Craig and I have enjoyed, or groaned thru scenes from the late 70's and 80's.

Boy were we young!  And I was THIN!

One three reel saga is of our car trip from Wisconsin to Florida to go to Disney World at Christmas 1976.

We have lots of footage of driving thru Tennessee.  One place we have never forgotten is RUBY FALLS!

As we drove we saw sign after sign along the highway.  We had to stop.  It was well worth it. At least for a couple of very inexperienced travelers.

Ruby Falls is near Chattangoona, and in my humble opinion it is a tourist stop worth doing if you like caves.

I just thought I'd mention it to any one who is lucky enough to be going to the Rally.  I think it is to the South and West of the Rally, but in the same state! Some of you may be driving that way.

By the way, thanks for all the fun and encouraging comments on yesterday's post.  I've had my doubts about taking him along from time to time.  Now I tell him he can go if he is good.
(I did get one SPAM comment that Blogger caught.  It showed up in my email, but not on my blog.  It was for male enhancement products.  Must have been because of the title :~) )

I do take comments to heart and think about what others say. I have thought about doing a trial run, or some part timing, but that is a subject for another post.

Time to get to work!  I have both sculpture orders to do, and more wallpaper to strip!


  1. Ruby Falls is very pretty. It is commercialized and a little touristy, but worth the trip. The story of the discovery of the falls is very interesting.
    Chattanooga is a great place to visit (and live). Having been here for the last ten years of my life has been a great experience.

  2. Hi Merikay,
    I thought you were heading out there for a minute with that title!

  3. You may remember that we actually had a competition between "Look Out Mountain" vs. "Ruby Falls". The one with more signs won. Such a simple way to keep us kids occupied! A fun memory. Looking forward to seeing the films.

  4. As many times we have been thru TN, have never heard or seen anything on Ruby Falls. However, we've only been thru Chattanooga once. But your story reminds me of our trip last year to SD & beyond. There were sooo many signs about "Wall Drug." We had to go see -- it too is commercialized but well-worth the trip.

  5. Wow! It has been years (really years) since we've been to Ruby Falls. Perhaps we should put that on a "to see again" list. Thanks for jogging my memory!

  6. Ooh, we'll have to look that up! Wish you were coming to the rally too.

  7. I've never been to Tennessee but if I ever do, Ruby Falls will be a definite stop!

  8. Would this be the RV Dreamers Rally that you are alluding to?

  9. Before becoming a full-timer, I lived in TN for 36 years and never went to Ruby Falls. I've been all over this country though. Strange how we sometimes don't visit places close by.

  10. We've been to Chattanooga, but never made it to Ruby Falls. I guess we should have!

    Your idea on a trial run is a good one. The best thing we did lately was spend the last 3 months in the motor home. It really showed us how much room we have. Planning in your head isn't the same as actually living in the small space of an rv. We now know exactly how much room we have. It helped Al (he's kind of like Craig) realize that no, he couldn't take his boat, and no, he didn't have room for all his "stuff". He's much more eager to unload stuff than he was before our trip.

  11. Again today I'm reminded of one of our road trips. We flew into Nashville because I wanted to go to a concert By Legacy Five, Gospel Group, in Chatanooga. We also wanted to have a little taste of Tennessee. We had such a lovely drive, down and back on different routes, from where we stayed in Franklin TN but sadly little time and not enough knowledge to do very much. We did go for a trip on a Paddle Steamer along the great Tennessee River. Very cool and yet somehow disappointing too. I think the Mississippi would be better.

    Finding all those films must be pretty special.



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