Monday, April 4, 2011

Is Craig Coming Along?

On Sunday, we went  to a very nice BBQ celebration of a friends 50th anniversary.

We got to see a lot of our mountain friends that we haven't talked to much over the long winter months.

One of them reads  my blog, and when Craig was talking about our future RV intentions, my friend said he couldn't tell if Craig was going along or not. 
The answer is ...  

drum roll ....


It was his idea in the first place!  At times he seems reluctant, but it is not so much about the idea of spending a couple of years in an RV, as it is about the process of what we have to do to get there.

People have asked why we are "doing so much" to the house, why not sell it "as is"?  

The truth is we are really only doing things that we should have done over the last 20 year!  We have ignored a whole lot of maintenance and cosmetic repairs.  

I remember an old John Wayne movie where the rancher Dad kept saying "Come next summer ..."  when it came to some repair or other.  Well, our theoretical "next summer" has come.  Now is the time!

We made two big steps toward the future because of the BBQ.  One of our friends teaches photography at the University, and there was talk about how she had just put in a big new darkroom into her garage.  Does anyone still develop and print film?!!

Three houses ago, in the 80's, Craig had a darkroom.  We still had all the equipment in boxes in our garage.  We talked to her, and she agreed to take the enlarger and any other equipment we wanted to get rid of.  If there are things she can use, fine, if not she will take them to the University and find a student that can make use of them.

We hurried home, began unpacking the big old boxes and bagging up the disintegrating and (only slightly) mouse chewed wrapping papers.  Dusted things off and repacked them nicely.

We discovered the packers had mixed photographic equipment with fish tank stuff, so we unpacked all of that as well.  When we lived in Texas, 30 years ago, we had five salt water tanks.  When we moved, we sold a couple, but brought most of the associated stuff with us to California.  Living in earthquake country, I was not inclined to have a couple hundred gallons of water in glass tanks around the house, so we never got back into it.

It is all so old, we don't even want to offer it on free cycle.  but Craig has agreed to help me load it up and take it to the dump this weekend!

YES!  Yes, he is coming along.   He is talking about our plans to our friends and he is willing to get rid of the fish tank stuff!   

Great progress!


  1. I.M. thinkin' yer on a reel roll. First that grate sale y'all had the other day, and now Craig bein' a big supporter of yer efforts. It couldn't happen to a nicer gal. I.M. happy fer ya. Now with things a happenin' in threes. I.M. wonderin' what the next grate thing upcoming fer ya is. Maybe a talkin' animal head?

  2. Congrats on getting rid of "stuff." Our fulltime experience came sooner than we expected and getting rid of all the "stuff" was such a relief. We did sell our house "as is," but it had a new roof, new fencing, new heat & ac...but still needed paint, flooring, etc. We have no regrets as we begin our second year.

  3. Have you thought about doing a test run before selling your house? That's how my thinking is going and I want to be sure before I do too many drastic things. Maybe I'll end up just being a showbird.

  4. I know that's the response you wanted to hear from your DH. And I know what it's like to have a reluctant spouse as a travel partner - not much fun. I agree that a trial period is a good idea.

  5. Don't you just love it when stuff you're trying to get rid of finds a new home, without really trying!? That's how some of our stuff is going...going..gone :)

  6. Sounds good! Was sort of wondering where he would live once the house sold and you drove off alone in an RV! Seriously, glad you are both on the same path of this adventure.

  7. Since the beginning of your blog, I've wondered the same thing. I do it alone, but having a willing traveling companion is better. :)

  8. glad to hear that 'craig is on board'!!!..have fun finding new homes for your 'stuff'

  9. Aw yes, those old smelly chemical infested dark room days of yesteryear. I remember them oh so well. Also share the hobby of aquariums with you from way back when as well only mine were all fresh water. Having a travel partner on the same page makes things sooooo much easier. Kelly & I are fortunate that we share most of the same ideas & it's generally a good balance if & when we don't. I think the old saying, 'two heads are better than one' really applies to the RV lifestyle in many ways. There are many times on the road when one head just isn't enough & especially at the ages most of us are now. Definately a team effort:))

  10. I guess I am the cause of this post, Merikay, and all I can say is that I am glad I got no one into trouble with my question of Craig. :)

    It was great to see you - and everyone else again - on Sunday. We don't get the local gang all together nearly often enough!

  11. You're getting closer every day. In every way!!


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