Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mail Order Bride

I wrote this post one evening last week:

Although there are a lot of diesel coaches for sale, it seems there are not a lot of them in the 33' - 35' within an easy drive from here, so for now most of my shopping and learning is being done online.

I'm beginning to feel a bit like I'm looking for a "mail order bride."
A lonely miner scanning the latest newspaper from the East.

There are so many listings. I spend several hours each day going thru them, looking for the perfect match.  I know there are a lot of salesmen out there that would love to be our match maker, but we are not ready for that yet.

First we have to decide exactly what we want.

Not too young nor too old:  2008 -2004
Not too short or too tall:  33' -35'
From a good family:  Winnebago, Itasca, or Tiffin, but will consider others
Good body:   No dents or dings
Nice smile:  Full body paint would be nice
Inner beauty:   Nice decor
Strong:  Diesel
Healthy: Pass the  inspections
Able to cook:  Pleasing kitchen arrangement
Compliant:  Easy to steer, good test drive
Intelligent:  Has back up cameras, tire pressure sensors, GPS
Amusing:  Entertainment center
Good teeth:  New tires?
Practical: No white carpeting!  Tile or Allure would be nice
Good in bed:  A good bed
A big heart:  A big basement
Has something extra:  Four door refrigerator

And then there  is the nagging question:  Why is she being sold? Is something wrong with her? Did her people trade her in on a newer model?  Will she be more trouble than she's worth?

We could buy an RV next week, or next month, or not until springtime, but we are going to buy one in the next six months.  

That is about all I'm sure of right now.

I know eventually we are going to have to get out and meet some of these beautiful ladies in person.  And we will, but right now Craig is getting lots of work done on his jobs around the house and I don't want to slow him down.  Almost making an offer on that one felt so right that it has really motivated him.  I don't want to rock that boat. 

We have plenty of time.
 I know we have to keep looking, she won't just show up in our driveway one fine day.


  1. Very cute post. I hope you find a match that is made in heaven!! Make sure she has bright shiny eyes too!

  2. your 'mail order bride list' sounds just like ours!..the perusing the ads on line is a great time waster at our house too! is half the fun!!

  3. I think looking at all of the pictures online will help you to decide what you like and don't like about the different floor plans.

  4. So, it's a girl? lol

    I know exactly what you are going through and there will be an end!! Just remember to enjoy it!

  5. Since Craig is motivated you sure don't want to distract him. Motivation is so hard to come by!

  6. Just looking for a rig is half the fun:))

  7. If I had a dime for all the hours that we've drooled over pictures, videos, and other things about the rig we want to buy, I could buy it! We pretty much have it narrowed down to a Montana fifth wheel model 3700RL. We're going to the BIG RV show in Hershey, PA next month, and it should cement it in our mind :)

  8. LOVE your post - very clever, and true too!! :) I hope you find just the right match for the two of you!

  9. You will find the right one, one day it will just pop up and when you get inside it you will know you are "home". I think we "tried on" thirty or more before we found the right one.

  10. don't forget about craigslist and ebay - we bought ours on Craigslist

  11. How about coming with a dowry (warranty)?? :)

  12. Must love dogs! (Probably not a requirement in your case). Great list.

  13. Check out Demartini in Grass Valley. They have a great inventory and no salesmen pressure. I have been looking at a 2004 35'Safari (Zansabar) diesel that they have. Its a beauty Asking $94500. You can view it online. Online also shows original invoice.

  14. Hilarious post! Too cute! Hope you find your mail order bride that is perfect for you. I believe Lazy Days in Florida bought Beaudry RV in Arizona - is that close to you? Do you read ? That's how we found ours.

  15. And it will love at first sight.

  16. Love the comparison. There are so many choices out there. I really love the floor plan of "my spot". You will know it when you see it. For me I put my request "requirements" into my God Box and left it there, a couple of months later i found my new home, perfect for me and Angel. Be patient, it will happen when the time is right.

  17. If it doesn't feel like HOME when you walk into it - it isn't the right one for you. But you have plenty of time and there are so many RV's out there for sale. Usually they are for sale because the people got old, or like us they want to change to a fifth wheel. Not that there's anything wrong with their rig. It's usually life that makes the choice for them.

  18. I ordered one of those mail order brides once.

    But when she arrived in the mail, she was damaged, so I had to send her back.


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