Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sunday was a Baaad Day

Sunday was really a bad luck day.  

I didn't have anything to do with RVs at all.

Craig and I were going to work on staining some new doors for the hall outside the middle bathroom, so I went out to make room in the  garage by pulling out his prius and my van.

I pulled out the prius onto the driveway just outside the door.

Then I got into my big old van, thinking about something not related to driving and backed it out.

Usually when I back out I swing to the left to turn it around.

Not thinking I automatically turned, and creamed the front fender of the prius!

I couldn't have been moving at more than 5 mph. but I did $700 worth of damage. I went for an estimate yesterday at my favorite body shop. They actually gave me a discount because I've been there several times in the last 20 years.

I know it could happen to anyone.  But I really felt bad.

We worked on  staining one of the doors (3 more to do) and decided to have an early dinner.

I'm really a good cook, and can pull a nice meal together out of an odd set of ingredients.  Sunday I decided to use some scallops I had in the freezer, plus a couple of things from the fridge.  My idea was a disaster.  The sauce I put together would have been ineatable had I served it.

Instead I decided to make some quick pasta and toss it with broccoli and  cheese, and serve that as a side to the scallops which were already cooking.

  I had a nice chunk of parmesan  that was almost to the end and had a thick rind.  I didn't have time to grate it by hand so I decided to toss it in the blender.  Before I could do that I need to cut the rind off.

I have (had) a very special knife.  It is (was) a black Kyocera ceramic.  A beautiful tool. It cut like a razor, and I used it for everything.  
One thing you must not do is twist it.  Apparently I did. I started cutting into the cheese and it snapped!  

All I can say is bad luck is said to come in threes, and I sure had my three in one day.  


  1. I certainly hope everything is 100% better now. I remember when I had a brand new - 2 day old Malibu. Parked it behind my Dad's car which was pulled into the carport. He really did a number on my new car when he backed out. It happens. Can you get another knife?

  2. sounds a bit like the day we just went thru, just know our next day was much better!

  3. There are days ...............

  4. Some days you just stay in bed with the covers over your head!..maybe the rest of the week will be better!!

  5. These kind of days, I know about. Here's to better days ahead!


  6. ouch, ouch and ouch! Thankfully the last ouch wasn't a double cause you had cut yourself... - see there is always a bright side!

  7. Look at it this way, you got all the bad luck out of the way for the week, so the rest of the week is smooth sailing.

  8. Hope you day today is better. I had one of those cooking disasters this week too. Oh well, John ate it anyway even though he complained how awful it was the whole time.

  9. Hey, if you have to have a car accident, that was one to have! No injuries and minimal damage. I can't tell you how many claims I had with people doing the exact same thing...so don't feel bad, you're in good company.

    Sorry about your knife. I guess I might have to get one of those.

  10. Seems everything comes in threes, so maybe you'll get a string of good luck next. My Suzy is a great creative cook also, but once in a while something can go bad -- doesn't happen often, but when it does, we often call for pizza delivery!

  11. Here's hoping that the bad luck is over! Your next luck will be good!!

  12. So sorry to hear about your "wreck". When I had State Farm and hit another State Farm insured vehicle, they waived the deductibles. Hope that happens for you.

  13. Some days, it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. A couple of weeks ago, we went to get our hair cut. As we were leaving (I was driving) and I packed into someone's SUV! The first accident in about 35 years! Drats! Ya see, it happens to the best of us!

  14. I have discovered recently the superiority of real, Italian, imported parmesan. I'm hooked.


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