Monday, August 22, 2011

Need to ask another question ..

Help!  I am trying to figure out which company for an extended warrantee and for Road Service.
Are they separate policies?

The one thru Go RV Network  looks pretty good.  Not as inclusive as what the dealer is selling, but not as expensive either.  I have to study the differences in coverage a bit.

Good Sam's warranty seemed priced pretty high.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom as to who to stay away from?

The good news is Alstate, my current car/house/earthquake coverage is quoting me a pretty low rate on the RV.  I talked to my agent and asked "what if a tree falls on it and it is damaged?  Se said that would be covered under the comprehensive part of the policy.  So maybe I'm less worried about parking it here  in the "Merikay Woods."

 I have a request out for a couple of other quotes, but I think I'll go with them rather than the unknown.  That part is easier because we are not full timers.  I hear you need different insurance when you are.

SO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT! I told Craig it's like buying a puppy. The purchase price is just the beginning!  I've had more than one "free puppy" that broke the budget.  But we loved them and we will love our RV.

I bought plastic waste basket bags today for the Alfa.  And looked at foam mattress pads at COSTCO.

I had a terrible day yesterday.  I'll probably write about it sometime soon.  I'm also holding off on writing about the details of the Alfa until it passes the inspection and all is settled.  Don't want to jinks it.


  1. We save super market plastic bags right before leave on a trip and use those for garbage bags. We have a temper foam mattress in our rig. In our first rig we bought a temper foam sheet from Good Luck on your adventures.

  2. We have Foremost Insurance on our motor home. It is totally complete, covers the contents like it was a home owner's policy. Also has the Road Side Service which as you know we have had to use multiple times and only have had to pay the deductible 2x (each time we had the fires). We have been towed at least 3x, had two flat tires replaced and only had to pay for the tire. And it only runs us about $800 a year. We would not go with anyone else.

  3. We have a regular queen bed mattress and a tempur pedic pad on comfy!!! We do have to get the deep pocket sheets which are not always easy to find.

  4. We use Coach Net for Roadside Assistance and so far haven't needed to use it. Our coach was new so the warranty on it was from the manufacturer and we don't have one on the fifth wheel we just bought. We have full timers insurance.

  5. As part of the deal when we purchased our RV, we got an extended warranty thru Route 66. If you use a Route 66 facility, the deductible is only $50 -- otherwise, it's $100 deductible. We have used it twice and have been very pleased.

    We use Coach Net for roadside service but have never had to use them.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Just catching up with my reading. I see that you have been busy. Alfa makes a good MH. I like the Memory Foam stuff too. Since we aren't fulltime yet, we have Progressive Insurance.

  7. sure we only have a pop up tent trailer but we spent the money on a gel memory $$ we ever spent!..good luck with the insurance/warranty question!..will the dealer give you any kind of warranty on the rig after you drive away??

  8. Good luck!

    And FYI, La Mesa's 30 day warranty is actually 100% for the first 15 days, and then 50% for the next 15 days. That's why I took my first trip within 15 days, so that if I found anything wrong, I could be back at the dealership within the first 15 days to show them.

    I didn't find anything wrong, but later found the bathroom fan wasn't working right. I got it fixed in Eugene, OR, not expensive.

    For emergency road service I got the Good Sam policy, just used them for my truck battery and it was good.

    RV insurance, I got the full-time policy with Progressive - $560 a year.

    Also, I see NO reason you shouldn't have someone else check out the rig. I asked about that, too, and they said no problem, but I didn't do it. I was comfortable with the condition of The Palms.

  9. We use Walmart bags - works great for us. We use Coach-Net for our towing coverage - wonderful service. Don't have an extended warranty. Our motor home came with a Sleep Number bed - we both love it, can't imagine sleeping on anything else now (I have RA with hip and back problems).


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