Friday, December 9, 2011

An Odd Week

This post is a total ramble.  

This has been an Odd week.  Oddly busy! Oddly creative!

Monday I was busy unpacking the stuff we took on our short weekend trip for the driving lesson, and working on the cow.

Tuesday the new washer was delivered and I had to catch up on the wash and ship the cow.

Wednesday I went to the dentist for a little problem, and found out my little problem was  an abscess on an old root canal and crowned tooth. I had lost too much bone to save it.

Thursday I had the tooth pulled and the prep and placement of a temporary bridge.  I will get the permanent bridge in February.  Many $$$  :~(

The really odd thing is that I have no pain.  Seems the placement of the temporary bridge has kept the hole from the extraction from getting any air or from bleeding.  I have a great dentist.  He cut the tooth in half so it would come out easier.

Today I worked on a buffalo sculpture and at the same time did some experiments with a new way of making the moose antlers.  I am very excited because I think I have finally solved a big problem  that has been dogging me for years.

A major break thru that will make the antlers lighter and stronger than before.  It makes the prospect of making and selling moose when we are on the road   possible!  

I tried a new application for a very old material.  Something I thought of in a "light bulb" moment in the middle of the night!

Very exciting.

Maybe when the dentist pulled my tooth he unblocked a creative force.

The hard part is I won't really be able to follow up with it until the end of January.  Too many other things to do!  
Unless I take the experiments along. 
 Maybe I will. 
 Where better to see if something will work on the road, than on the road!



  1. Love it when those creative lightbulbs come on! It's usually at the oddest moments! Can't wait to hear what your new process is for the antlers! Glad things are working out with the dentist and your teeth. That's my biggest nightmare while on the road, finding a good dentist!

  2. Lightbulb moments are the best! I think you should take some of your animal things to see if it will work on the road. Good idea.

  3. So you could think of the Alpha as Noah's Arc on wheels. :)

  4. Tuesday the new washer was delivered and I had to catch up on the wash and ship the cow.

    I can't imagine I'll read a better stand-alone sentence anywhere if I read all day.

  5. Glad your dental work went OK and that you not having any pain. At least you caught it before leaving for the big Oregon Duck, Badger game. Hope your new process works for you on the road. Have a great weekend.

  6. Don't you just hate it when dental problem crop up?

    Good for you on the new idea for making the antlers - I hope it works!


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