Thursday, December 15, 2011

GO RV Warranty is OK

So, everything is resolved.  (Except I don't have cards yet, but they should come.)  According to the warranty processing center, our contract is now "active" instead of "pending."

I must say that Jason and Paul  of GO RV were accessable and responsive. It took a few days, but my problem was resolved.

Hopefully, if I ever need it, the warranty will be as good as Judy's was this year!  I know she has had to push them, but she did get good coverage.  But, I do not have the same company :(

I am editing my first post on this subject because Google picked it up and It was on the first page when I Googled GO RV Warranty.  Since they did resolve the problem I don't think it is fair to leave a negative post out there.


  1. Nice to hear that it all worked out. Now you can get ready for the Ducks Badger game it's coming fast.

  2. Good to hear your problem was resolved.

    Yup, get ready for that game. Hey Craig, wanna place a little wager lol??

  3. Glad to hear you got it worked out. I think you're right to have updated your original post.

  4. Good deal! I have some catching up to do on your blog. I've fallen behind on most of my blog reading lately.


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