Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I think it's going to be OK, Warrantee update

I think it's going to be OK.  I spoke with both Jason and Paul Simpson this morning and they seem to have an explanation of what went wrong and are correcting the problem. 

The explanation was that they sent in a copy of our signed contract application to the actual insurance company, instead of the original.  The original is required. We are in the system, we have a contract number, but our application was considered incomplete.  Paul is seeing to it that the original is being overnighted to them.

 I will know for sure by Thursday or Friday.

I'm not really counting on an Extended Warranty to pay for itself, but I didn't want to be scammed from the start.

We shall see.  

Rick's comment sure did shake me up, but when I read the actual complaint on RVforum it seemed to me like someone trying to get a pre-existing problem fixed.
The complainer said he had asked if radiators were covered, knowing that possibly something was wrong with his.  If he had asked if a preexisting problem with his radiator would be covered, he might have gotten a different answer. When it wasn't covered after ten days of having the policy he felt there was misrepresentation etc.  There are always two sides to any story.

  GoRV does not get "rave" reviews anywhere. But other than the guy mentioned above, the main complaint seems to be something about a claim that if you do not use your policy you get a refund. It seems that when people applied for said refund they never got it.  Thus the claims of lying and fraud.  I never heard that promise from the beginning. I have heard similar things about some health insurance plans and have quickly considered them a rip off.

When my situation is fully resolved, I want to poke into that further.  

I knew that we had a contract  on file with the Warrantee Company, but that something was missing from GoRV.  I hope it is as they say, and just a mistake.

I hope they were just sloppy, not crooks!

I will keep you posted!


  1. We are hoping things work out for you. We are thinking about getting one for our 5th wheel and truck.

  2. "I'm not really counting on an Extended Warranty to pay for itself, but I didn't want to be scammed from the start."

    My extended warranty has paid for itself three times over. Perhaps you'll not have the issues with your rig that I did. :)

  3. Sounds a bit more promising than last night. Hope things work out and all is well.

  4. glad to hear that it is all going to work out for you and Craig..nothing worse than paying for something and then getting nothing for your hard earned money!!


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