Monday, December 12, 2011

Very Upset with Go RV Warranty

Below is a post I made to my blog in December of 2011.  I think it is only fair to report that this was corrected quickly by Jason and Paul at GO RV.

They were accessible and responsive. The problem was due to an error, not maleficence. 

In late August I spent considerable time comparing extended warranty companies and base on the experience and recommendation of at least one other blogger I choose to purchase a policy thru GoRV Warranty and worked with a fellow named Jason.

Jason seemed very helpful and had a very smooth voice.  It was easy to give him my business, and as you all know that means several thousand dollars.

We did all the paperwork and set it back and were told it would take several weeks to get a card and welcome information.  I waited.  After more than six weeks I called the warranty company and was told that yes, we were in the system, but they had not received the copies of our signed contracts from GoRV Warranty.

I called Jason.  It took him a week to get new copies of the contracts for me to sign.  A week after I had mailed them back I again emailed him to see if they had arrived, and the next day I got an email saying that he had confirmation that their processing department had received them.  Since Thanksgiving was coming, he advised me it might be several weeks until I go my card , etc.

A month has passed.  Nothing.  I called the Warranty processing center, ended up with a supervisor, and again was told they had not received anything from GoRv.  They are a third party "claims processor."


I again have a call into Jason.  My call to him from the West Coast was in the afternoon, so I guess he has gone home already.   I hope he calls me back first thing.  This definitely needs to be resolved.

I didn't realize he was just a salesman, and GoRV Warranty was just a sales agency. I hope this can get straightened out.


  1. Oh my, I hope so too. Good luck and keep us posted, please.

  2. Good luck with that. Sounds a little fishy to me. :(

  3. Unfortunately, this Jason guy has a terrible reputation for fraud according to the RVnet Forum.

    Here's just one post:

    Posted: 05/10/11 07:32am
    Those of us who have dealt with Jason, can only say so much and give so many warnings about his lying, fraudulent ways. If you choose to ignore the MANY warnings and send him your money.......

  4. sounds like you have a bit of dilemma on your hands!..just read Rick's comment!!

  5. Hope you get this resolved quickly. Thanks for making us aware of this company. I know you always try to be so careful not to make the wrong choice.

  6. Good to get this resolved prior to needing to use it.


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