Friday, April 6, 2012

Followers found ...

From Craig:

OK, it was my fault that Merikay couldn't see her followers' thumbnail images on her blog any more.  I downloaded a browser extension called "Do Not Track Plus" into our various browsers in the last day or two, and it interacts with Google's JavaScript code for displaying followers, so that their thumbnails disappear.  Turns out that it's easy to disable DNTP for particular sites, and I've done so for her blog under Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, so she can see her followers' thumbnails again.

Today we decided to drive up to our foodie heaven, Berkeley Bowl.  As an example of the wonderful things we found, they had a 2 pound tray of French green beans from Guatemala for about $3.40, which for non-math readers is $1.70 per pound.  French green beans are often offered up to $6 per pound in supermarkets in Central California.  We don't buy them at such prices, but obviously some folks do.

The best part was when Merikay stepped up to their deli case and bought two slices of their house meatloaf.  Sensible people don't get excited about things like this, but for dinner tonight it was the best meatloaf I've ever had!

These are good examples of why we like to go to Berkeley Bowl.  For about $140, we got more than a week's worth of wonderful vegetables, some decent meat[!], and a 1.5L bottle of white wine for old backsliding me.  How can we go gallivanting across the country and get thousands of miles from Berkeley Bowl?

From Merikay:
A slow cooker ratatouille, spring vegetable soup, tabouli, and several giant salads are all on the menu this week!  Meat?  Just a little chicken, some ground turkey for lettuce wraps, and a couple of smoked pork chops.  Aside from the meatloaf Craig mentioned for dinner tonight. (Only one slice each, with healthy sides!)

For the Good Luck Ducks, I found the boxed tofu.  I don't have my register slip but I think it was about $1.15 for a 12 oz. box. " Use by" date is July 2012, so it doesn't keep forever. It says "Airtight package requires no refrigeration until opened.  No Preseratives. No Irradiation." I bought a couple of boxes and will try them in the coming days.  It seems like a very convent product.  They also had "firm."

Speaking of tofu, it has a very interesting history.  Before WWII each village in Japan would make tofu as a community.  The duties rotating between families and the product shared.  After the war it was given over to the war widows as a way they could make a living.  I had a book about it years ago and remember this little factoid..

Happy Easter everyone, or happy whatever your Spring celebration may be in honor of.

May we all have a New Beginning in the sun.


  1. Hey, that looks alright! We'll look for it - thanks for mentioning it.

  2. We had our first adventure with Tofu on Thursday night. Asian Tofu Snap Pea Stir Fry with Sesame Peanut Sauce. It was very good. Tonight is Mediterranean Shrimp with Grilled Polenta, I'm looking forward to it.
    I'll blog about my adventure later today :)

  3. Happy Easter to ya'll as well! I loved today's post. It was like one of those tv shows with two hosts ;-)

  4. Berkley Bowl sounds like an interesting place to go. Happy Easter to you too!

  5. Meatloaf - always a favorite. And you didn't have to make it. Russ likes tofu but I just can't seem to get on board with it. Have a great day tomorrow and I hope the sun shines on you!

  6. Happy Easter to you both. We have been enjoying your cooking ideas and trying to balance the meals with healthier sides and smaller meat portions. We will have to give the tofu a try. Lolita found a recipe for some tofu tacos.


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