Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pizza On The Grill

Knowing I had some pizza sauce and a couple of turkey Italian sausages in the freezer, I decided to try making a pizza on the grill.  I decided to use the big Weber gas grill on the deck rather than the Q up at the Alfa, but I'm sure what I learned will transfer easily.

I made the whole wheat dough in the bread machine in the morning.  I always like to put a pizza dough in the refrigerator to proof for several hours.  It seems to make it roll out better.

While the grill was heating up, I diced up  and pre-cooked the onion, sausage, and eggplant. I didn't have any mushrooms on hand and used peeled Japanese eggplant instead.  First time for everything.  They were good! I also diced some red bell pepper, but didn't pre-cook it.

I love the way this whole wheat dough rolls!  It was not hard to get a nice thin crust.  I finished the roll out on a piece of parchment paper rather than corn meal on the pick because I thought it might be easier to handle putting it on the grill. It was.

We preheated the grill on High-High-High, and then turned it down to Med-Med-Med, and put the crust on right away.  It was a good thing I was standing by to watch it.  I expected it to take 5 minutes, but after only 2 I smelled burning dough. 

 I opened the grill and the dough had grown big bubble on the up side and was starting to burn underneath. I quickly removed it with the pick. 

In the picture the bubble side is down.  I flattened them, turned the crust over and put the sauce and toppings on. 

Craig turned the grill down to Medium - Off - Medium, while I went up to "dress" the pizza.

With a lower temperature I was able to heat the toppings without over-doing the second side of the crust. Yes friends, you do see a bit of cheese.  This was a more traditional style pizza and I used a small amount of grated parmesan.  A few months ago I would have topped it with at least 12 ounces of mozzarella as well!

Craig said it was a little harder to cut than a white flour pizza.

This is a healthier pizza.  Whole wheat crust, less cheese.  But it was tasty and satisfied my pizza craving.

The wine glass is Craig's,  my drink is the Pellegrino in the back.


  1. That is one mighty fine looking Pizza. It's 6 a.m. here right now & you already have me craving Pizza for breakfast...Oh Dear

  2. That looks good! I'm sure I'll be trying that one day :)

  3. Nice looking pizza, we are going to have to give it a try. Never have tried the BBQ method before or the whole wheat. Have a great Monday.

  4. Great job on the pizza! Looks yummy!


  5. nice job! How great to be able to grill it.

  6. Looks great.
    I don't think there's anyway to get around having a bit of cheese on pizza. Kind of like having air in tires. Just not the same without it.

  7. Looks great! You are inspiring me. Now to get The Cowboy inspired and we will be a grillin pizza.


  8. Looks great to me too. And if that helps to craving why not.

  9. That looks delish! Please share the ww crust recipe!

  10. Oh my gosh!! That looks delicious!! I have never made a pizza on the grill. I think I might give it a try.

  11. Now I have a new challenge, always looking for a new grill recipe. :c)

  12. Creative! You really are doing well with your eating. KUDOS!

  13. That pizza looks really good. I may just rethink about getting a grill.


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