Monday, April 2, 2012

Review of "The Blood Sugar Solution"

Because Laurie mentioned she was starting "The Blood Sugar Solution" program this week I decided to read the book. 
It is really quite popular, there are over 50 people on the library waiting list, so I bought it on the Kindle.

I guess I have always been a new diet book junkie.  I have probably read just about every one that has come out in the last 45 years!

I have come to the conclusion that I am hoping for a miracle diet that will help me lose lots of weight, overnight, without any sacrifices.

Well, I'm still looking!  "The Blood Sugar Solution" offers very little new information.  In fact many of   points Dr. Hyman makes have been around since the 80's.  

Please don't get me wrong.  I'm not disagreeing with the message of eat less and exercise more.  Most of his food recommendations are exactly what I have been eating for the last two months.  I am slowly losing weight and almost never hungry.

But I feel his regime would be very hard to follow, and very difficult to stick with for a lifetime, which is what I need to do. 

In the book he repeatedly recommends a variety of supplements, which of course he sells on his web site. 
(For example for a little over $100 you can get the basic starter kit of supplements for women.) 
He also has a 12 week on-line course he will sell you if you"are not getting the results you want" after reading the book and trying to follow the program on your own.  You can try it "free for 7 days" here(I wonder how much it costs?)

I also question  his advice to not use the microwave, not drink bottled water, keep the cell phone six to eight inches from your head, and avoid WiFi, waterbeds, computer screens, and clock radios.  

Aluminum foil hats anyone?

 The book does offer a few interesting recipes.   I may try a few. 

In conclusion, some good, but old, ideas, some wacky points of view, but not a miracle diet. 


  1. What it all boils down to is good old common sense. You have made up your mind to accomplish this weight lose and vow to stick with it. Add exercise to that and the weight will continue to come off. You may hit plateaus where you won't lose weight over even gain a bit, but don't fret it will start to go down again if you keep at it. Check with your doctor to be certain you can excercise first before starting.

    The intensity of exercise you choose to do will determine how fast the loss is, but start slow even go to a gym for a two or three month period so you can have a trainer show you the proper way to do some of the excercises so you don't hurt yourself. Here is the catcher, it's a lifetime commitment! To keep in shape (Not Swimsuit Model Shape) you will have to workout at least an hour every day.

    Keep up the good work and hope to read of more positive results.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Thanks for the book review. I won't waste my money. I, too, have read almost every diet book out there. You just keep on doing what you're doing and by next year you'll be surprised at how good you're feeling.

  3. My chiropractor won't have a microwave in his home either...bottled water is bad because when it gets hot (as in traveling in trucks to the store) it releases chemicals that cause cancer...etc. Several of his points are good ones including the cellphone but few of us are willing to give up our creature being in that category. However, since I have terminal cancer I get to eat whatever without much regard. Wish u much luck in ur diet...u will make it!

  4. Wish there was a painless solution, too. ;(

  5. Oh, I'm a career dieter for sure. Weight Watchers was my diet of choice & it always worked for me until now. Then menopause hit, and a horrible stressfull year. Before I knew it , all the weight came back. I liked this book as a way to get away from processed food, sugar, and all foods that have been a detriment to my health.

    I hope this helps me.

  6. We have removed our micro wave from the kitchen. Who needs nuked food? I have lost weight in the last 12 days, but you don't want my way of shedding the pounds.

  7. We got rid of our microwave to give us more space, and hate talking on the phone. Does all that count? Thanks for reviewing the book. I would probably have similar reactions to his suggestions, and I'm always way more wary when an author has products he wants to sell me.

    If you're losing weight and feeling good at the same time, that says you're doing it right.

  8. I think I'm looking for that "magic" diet also. Thanks for the great book review.

  9. Good review Merikay, thanks. I too always wonder about an author who is touting his own products. I use my microwave everyday and have no plans to quit. I don't really cook in it but it is a great time and energy saver for re-heating food or for heating a cup of water for tea.

  10. Since I first started trying to lose weight about four years ago, I've lost 26 pounds. I tried Jenny Craig - too expensive for the long term, and my contact there basically accused me of cheating because I wasn't losing fast enough. That did it!

    I changed to Weight Watchers, and really liked it. It's inexpensive, very supportive, and really teaches you the best way to eat for the rest of your life. It's not a diet, but a way of life, and it works. I used to lose, maybe, a half a pound a week if I was lucky. I lost REALLY slow. Just the way it was, but I kept going. I figured in a year I'd be okay, and I just kept going. I also started walking, not a lot, but every little helps.

    Have you thought about joining Weight Watchers? They have meetings everywhere.

  11. I wonder if he is avoiding microwaves, cell phones and Wi-fi? I don't know too many people that do not use the internet - unless he has a personal assistant to take care of it for him.

  12. An aluminum hat sounds kinda fun. I'll wear one if you will! LG

  13. I appreciate your review. I am a 23 year diabetic -crapy life style & lots of fried foods and turning 40 did it for me. I have been working on lifestyle change for the past 5 years and tried to just lose the weight on my own-then a local weight loss center LA Weight Loss, which went out of business then Adkins, they all worked for about 10 pounds then I would back slide. I currently am going to Weight Watchers and am so very pleased with my results, I don't lose every week, but still the pounds are coming off when you add up all the bits of pounds. The group meetings are so full of understanding, resources, recipes, laughter and encouragement that even if you gain a little you somehow feel not so bad and resolve to try harder the coming week. I know I can achieve my goal with my WW group-then I plan to stay as a life-timer to maintain. At least for 5 years to make sure I am going to hold the weight. I began walking this spring and at first could not go far, but then I began enjoying the walking and now wear a pedometer
    every day- last week I did 19 miles and enjoyed every one of them. I look forward to cooler weather so that I can walk further each day. A person has to start somewhere-sometimes I call a girlfriend and we talk and walk together - but she is across town. But the time flies and the hour is gone. I wish you luck with your weight loss. Be sure to have fun what ever you do for exercise.


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