Sunday, April 29, 2012

Water Week

Not much to say ... the work on the house goes on.  No deadline, no completion date in mind.

I shipped a polar bear to Italy last week, and am working on a tiger for a gal in Tennessee. Things have been quite slow this spring, and I'm glad to see some business.

Although I declared I was going to relax the diet guide lines a bit, I find that eating "healthy" has become preferable.  

I have never taken to the practice of drinking a lot of water.  I know some people can't live without their water bottles, but except when I'm hiking I just don't think of it.  This week I decided to do the "extra eight glasses of water a day" routine.  I figured I could do it for just one week.

To me eight glasses of water equals eight trips to the potty!  So I try to drink them at home, by 2:00 PM so I won't be up extra times in the night.

With all that liquid sloshing around inside, I have no desire for any snacks, no matter how healthy they are, and also eat less for dinner.

Result:  I've lost THREE pounds.  I'm now only 19 pounds overweight.  

I guess I'll continue drinking more water when I plan on staying at home all day.

Hope you all have a great week.  


  1. I drink quite a bit of water, but I can't say it equals 8 glasses a day. So this week I'm going to try & make sure I drink 8 glasses. My weight is not moving as much as I would like -- but I'm really not exercising either:o( Got to get with it!

  2. Since I 'm not drinking coffee, I have a bottle of water with breakfast. At work I have a refillable bottle always sitting on my desk. I also have a bottle with dinner. Sometim I 'll have a cup of decaf tea. It sure helps working for a bottled water company!

  3. I agree that your body just does not crave a lot of sweets and snacks when you start eating healthy. I relax my diet choices when I am in a situation with no other options. Like, at training at work, they served sandwiches. I don't buy bread, but I ate a sandwich that day - it was fine. I am drinking a lot of water or herbal tea, because I am living at a high altitude in a dry climate and I have to.

  4. Congratulations.

    I've resorted to be satisfied if I manage 5 or 6 large glasses of water. That's about, that's 2-3 pints. It's not so easy to drink heaps when the weather is cool and I do take a diuretic as well.

    On the other hand drinking lots of water helps keep our bodies healthy, especially the kidneys. Actually I drink mostly unsweetened flavoured infusions because I dislike traditional tea intensely.

    You've done very well with your weight loss too. And I look forward to your next travel adventure.


  5. That's fantastic on the weight loss! I've been trying to drink more water and at first I was getting lots of exercise running to the washroom. But now I don't seem to have to as much. Maybe I just think I'm drinking it?
    We are really enjoying our healthy meals too!

  6. Good for you on the loss. I like water but still need to make an effort to drink the required amount.

    We are being more conscious of what we eat now too.

    Sharon at Princess and Cowboy

  7. At this time I do not need to lose weight but do need to maintain. Have always found if I drink a full glass of water before a meal and water with the meal I keep my portions smaller.

    Donna W

  8. I need to drink more water...I'm bad about not drinking water!!

  9. I like a nice cold drink of water often, but I think I've slid down from eight glasses a day. Guess I'll rev that up a bit!

  10. That's interesting. I don't drink much, either, and don't like all the potty breaks I need when I tried the 8 glasses. But it sounds like it might work well if you drink it all by 2:00. Think I'm going to try that. In this heat, it's probably a good idea, too.

    Keep up the good work. :)

  11. Well done Merikay!!! I admire your dedication :-))


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