Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Redding Botanical Garden

Although I made toasted cheese sandwiches for Craig, I stuck with my healthy cereal, blueberries, and almond milk.  I am determines to stick to my healthier choices!

It Works
Craig wanted to spend some time doing a few maintenance things around the Alfa which was fine with me because I wanted to just relax and the KOA itself is a beautiful place.  On the Saturday before our departure he had installed a new overhead vent in the bedroom, and he wanted to give the caulking a second layer.    (No, he didn't caulk it from inside!)

After mounting a knife sharpener I wanted, he addressed a problem he was having with one of the Leveler legs.  We are level enough, but he didn't like the way it was working.  In our owner's information there is a brochure from Atwood that included a tech line phone number, but both our Verizon and ATT phones have almost no "bars."  Craig thought it might help if we drove the six or so miles to Shingletown and try from there.  Coverage was no better, so we continued on to the outskirts of Redding 27 miles down the road.

It was a nice drive, and the first promising place to pull over was the Visitor's Center and the Turtle Bay complex which included a zoo, museum, aquarium  and a botanical garden. 

After Craig made his call and got some advice we took a nice walk thru the garden.  (My pedometer is reading 7765 tonight.)
Mosaic Grotto
Friendly BIG spider
We didn't see any

Tiger Swallowtail

We made a nice pork tenderloin on the Webber Q.  We are used to a much bigger grill at home, but do like the fact that it's propane comes from the Alfa so we don't have to carry a tank.  We ate inside instead of out on the picnic table because it started getting quite cool.  

So many new things to play with!  

The nights get pretty cool here.  Craig is enjoying his new PJ's.  And has been a good sport about my taking pictures of him.

We're having fun!

Judy asked if other bloggers could note where they were and what the weather was like from time to time.

Last week of June, 30 miles east of Redding CA, day time temps 65* - 70*, sunny,  morning 45*. Light rain last night, but clear in the morning.


  1. Like your jammies, Craig! Sounds like you 2 are having fun.

  2. Ken uses a Weber grill with charcoal and everything comes out good on it. Saves on propane too.

    Love the jammies!

  3. Redding is one of my USA destination towns. Not necessarily for the same reasons as most people. I always visit Bethel Church while there. Don't you love the glass bridge.

    We didn't see any Rattlesnake signs when we were there. Glad you didn't see any of those snakes either.


  4. Aha! Finally the fashion parade! :)

    I think it was Karen that was interested in the weather in case they ever get to leave Florida.

  5. I'M interested in the weather, too!...We're dying here in Louisiana. It's 100 today and not going to get any better heading towards Tennessee the next few days.
    Loved Craig in his P.J.'s. Now that's a secure man! :-) You'll never see a picture of Eldy in his pj's-- that's because he doesn't wear any! haha...oops! sorry! t.m.i. (He wears underwear).

  6. At least you had cell bars and found a place to enjoy at the same time. Its good to enjoy your time together.

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  8. "Quite cool" sounds wonderful because it is quite hot here in the Black Hills of South Dakota! But not as hot as at home in Kansas! I sure hope my good neighbor is watering my poor flowers faithfully!!!

    Love the jammies too as several have mentioned! You two are looking great! And I'm so glad you are having fun!


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