Sunday, October 7, 2012

For Laura and Teri, a little more about making Spring Rolls

I thought I'd write a bit more about them and encourage you to try making spring rolls yourselves.  

Laura, look for herbs in the tubes, they really do taste fresh.

Teri asked if the wrappers had to be steamed. The answer is no.  

Spring roll wrappers do not have to be steamed or cooked in any way, nor do the rolls themselves.

They are softened by dipping them into warm water.

I prep all of my ingredients first, then set up with a dinner plate next to the sink, and a wide bowl like a soup bowl in the sink filled with warm water.  

Next you dip one wrapper into the water, wetting it completely. You will quickly feel it soften. Place it onto the plate, it will continue to soften as you put your ingredients onto it. You do not need to rush, nor leave it soaking for long.

Lay your ingredients, starting with the shrimp or avocado near the edge that is away from you. Fold up the lower edge, then the sides as if you were making an envelope. Roll it away from yourself to complete.

At first most of your rolls will be loose and may not be pretty. They will taste just as good though. It takes a bit of practice.

I set each roll onto another plate, leaving space between them so they don't stick together. I cover the plate with a wet paper towel and refrigerate until serving.

This web site has step by step pictures using some sort of square wrappers. To me they look like egg roll wrappers that have to be fried, but the folding is the same as the round ones.

Another fun thing is you can roll just about anything. Try using spinach, rocket, or cabbage! And you can make two or twenty! The wrappers keep forever if you don't break them or get them wet.

Have fun, and let me know how it works for you.


  1. Thanks Merikay, this is how I will make sandwiches now. I bought some endive the other day because I was looking for something to use to hold various fillings. Now I have to find the "wrappers" at the store next week.

  2. Looks good Merikay. I have a very nice Basil plant in the front window of our motorhome. It has been going strong since May. We added a "winter" tomato plant to our motorhome garden three weeks ago and now have developing tomatos! Now to purchase the wrappers!

  3. Love spring rolls! Thanks for the tip on the herbs in the tube, was wondering if they were better.

  4. I also enjoy when you post some healthy recipes. Like you, since we are not yet full-timing but only sitting still until retirement, I do different blogs. Recipes of things that turn out well on the grill are interesting. Thanks Merikay. I am in awe of how well you have changed your eating lifestyle. Now can you encourage me to get into it for real and not just for a day or two?

  5. Thanks for the tips - next trip into town I'll pick up some wrappers. I've had a wicked craving for them lately!


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