Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I was good and bad today

Craig loves baseball.

Me?  Not so much, but every few years he gets me to go to a game with him.  Today was the day.

In the past, I have always rewarded myself for going to a game with garlic fries, bratwurst, and sometimes cheese nachos.  I was determined to not eat any of those things, and packed a baggie of carrot sticks and  sliced red pepper.  I put them, and a bottle of water into my purse with a cool pack.

Good intentions, but I was lead astray.  Not by any of the favorites mentioned above, but by my own generous intentions (sure!) and a hot day.

Craig asked me to stand in line and get him a BBQ pork sandwich while he went to get a beer.  The BBQ was being sold at the same stand as ice cream, and one of the ice cream options was a double dip in a cute little plastic baseball hat. (I'm really trying to put an altruistic spin on this) Craig loves ice cream and eats it almost every night at home. 

I thought the cute cup would be fun to use as he watched and listened to all the play-off games in the upcoming weeks.  But the only way I could get this special prize for him was to buy some ice cream.  

 I choose his favorite flavor, butter pecan.

After getting his sandwich and the ice cream, I went down to our seats to wait for him.  It was really hot, and his my ice cream started to melt.  What to do?

I had to eat it.  
Bad me. 

It was very good. 

I'm not ashamed, because I had really bought if for myself.  Carrots only go so far.  Only a saint would be willing to buy him a BBQ and pass on the Ice Cream.
I'm not a saint.

In addition to his BBQ, Craig also had a bratwurst.  
He offered me the first bite.  I said no.
He offered me the middle bite.  I said no.
I ate the last bite. 
I am not a saint.
It was very good.

I also ate my bag of veggies.
They were better than the bratwurst. 
They tasted fresh and cool. 

I shared them with Craig.
Good me.

What have you indulged in lately?


  1. Hilarious! Very funny post and I am glad you are not a saint. I had an ice cream bar today...controlled portion, better than a bowl of ice cream...

  2. Funny, but honest and that's the way real life is sometimes. I bought some bags of mini M&M packs and mini Mounds bars today. Sometimes I need a bit of chocolate.

  3. Ice cream happens! You enjoyed it, I hope, and carried on.

    The Good Luck Duck

  4. Silk Chocolate Almond Milk. Hey, if I can only have liquids, I'm going to have one of my favorites! Mmmmm.

  5. Cute story, and there's nothing wrong with indulging just a tiny bit now and then..Life's too short to go without ice cream now and then! My downfall is M & M's-raspberry dark chocolate flavor....MMMMMMMMM

  6. Oh so much. I am not a saint either...but I'm working on it.

  7. What a cute blog! None of us are saints. Sugar is my downfall every day of my life

  8. My saintly few months have slid a bit. With staying in parking lots, and generally busy and stressed out these last few weeks, I must admit that I've strayed from my healthy habits :)
    I haven't gained any weight which is good, but I can tell I don't feel as good as I did. Carrot sticks don't cut it as 'road treats'...m&m plain do :)

  9. Carrot sticks for a baseball game? I'm afraid they would have stayed in my purse. :) Funny post!

  10. You went to the A's game? I'm not a fan, but what a history making game!!!

  11. Everyone knows that the only way to endure a baseball game is to eat treats! You did good to just have what you did and still survive the experience! Plus I think a treat every now and again is good for the spirit.

  12. Hmmm, might have to get ice cream on the way home...enjoyed todays post!

  13. Have never been to a ball game so no temptations there but I indulged in about6 million peanut butter & honey sandwiches today............


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