Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sorting ...

Rain again today ...

Friday morning is our trash pick up. I pay for three cans a week, but often do not fill them. I recycle some things, but because we are on a small rural road our trash is all together.

This morning I filled two cans with debris from the studio.  Not hard to do.  I have been getting rid of stuff on and off for a couple of years, but there always seems to be more to toss.

Over a year ago I pulled several boxes out of our little attic that needed to be sorted. I tossed things that I considered "mine" and set Craig's aside in the upper hall. He needs to say: "save or toss" if it is something of his. He has not shown any inclination to deal with stuff, but he knows he will have to.  

Today he went thru the pile of boxes in less than a half hour.  Almost all of it went into the van for the next dump run.  His decisions prompted me to cull out a half closet of fabric scraps.  

Dare I add the skis?  I know I will never ski again and there doesn't seem to be anyone who wants them as a donation.  

Maybe tomorrow. The van is not full yet.

What was hardest for you to sort thru?


  1. It was so hard to let go of our Antiques. I kept some of the things that were my Dad's and an oil painting that a great uncle painted.

  2. Nothing's hard for me to jettison. I love dumping stuff! It's like losing 5 pounds to take clutter to the donation store. Would a ski resort take the skis? (Not that there are any in San Diego ....).

  3. Pictures! Even though they could all be scanned, it would take forever to get it done. And there is just something about holding a picture in your hand... one that was taken 50-60 years ago that is still intact and original. Those old black and whites will last far longer than anything I can print out.

  4. my tools and woodworking stuff... no doubt...

  5. We had trouble getting rid of books and a beautiful blue pottery dinner, mug, wine glass and casserole set that a famous potter friend had made for us.(He had since died.)

    We ended up giving the whole set to friends in Hawaii.

  6. I don't remember anything being that hard to go through. But, keep at it. You will be so glad when the time comes for the final cleaning out of stuff.

  7. My craft stuff...scrapbooking supplies, beautiful pieces of quilting fabric. Stained glass....I kept some of it and put it in tubs in a storage shed that we are still renting..gave the rest to charity and schools....

  8. Any dishes or linens...especially those made in the USA...thought once I don't have them I don't miss them.

  9. The sorting and tossing part of getting ready for FT RVing is one of the toughest things to do but it feels so good when it is finally done.

  10. It wasn't too hard for me, just tedious. How'd I get all this junk?

    Fortunatly I got it all done, except for my piano that is still at a friends house. Been trying to get rid of it for a year now, can find a taker. :c(


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