Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We are Sanding!

And Staining!

We have finished another section of the deck railings.  This area is along the back of the house, family room door and outside entry door to the laundry room. The six steps are not yet done, but will be.  At this point we are almost but not quite half way. 244 uprights complete, 272 to go.

This is the Next Area ...
When I counted the 516 uprights, I counted each of those on the stair well as two.  We will it break down into smaller sections.  In fact we worked on the upper deck, which is outside the kitchen door, yesterday and today.  It is ready for stain, but there is rain coming tonight so we just put a tarp over it to protect the newly sanded uprights.

This is the view from the deck side.  We have not done the floor in this area yet.

And the same place, but looking down another set of stairs that go to the area below the house. 

As I was snapping pictures this morning, I took this one looking down from the kitchen deck.  I thought the image is interesting.

This project is a big one, but it is not difficult. It was time to do it for the good of the wood.  I keep telling myself that part of it is so a future potential buyer will see the decks as a big positive and a wonderful space, not as a humongous job that will need to be done again in the future.  

It should still look pretty good next summer. 

Not all my time is spent on work around here.  I have also been planning our winter trip and have booked our first reservation using our new Passport America membership. 

We just do not have enough experience to just drive and stop wherever we end up.  I like having a plan, and like to know where we will be sleeping.

I hope all of you who have been affected by Sandy are OK.  As of Wednesday afternoon (when I'm writing this) I haven't seen any posts by the few people who I know are there.  I'm hoping it is just because the power is still out!


  1. Merikay,

    I read about all the work you are doing and I want to take a nap! I started the AT book the other night and am totally immersed in it. It's a wonderful account of the experience. Thank you again and I look forward to sharing it with some other lucky person.

  2. Your posts make us so thankful that are done with all that. Your works looks good!

  3. Your house looks so interesting. I would love to see a picture of the whole house. It looks so big. Those decks are beautiful and all that work will only make it look ever nicer.

  4. Boy what a job that decking is. You're making great progress though!

    Here in Florida the Passport America discounts don't apply during the winter high season months. Maybe it's different where you're going. Be sure to check out each park for their rules. We didn't do that the last time and didn't realize you had to stay there a minimum of three nights to get the discount. Each park is different.

  5. The job is turning out really well! I'm glad you are taking the time to do some winter planning though :-)

  6. On Passport America parks also be sure to check to see what people who have stayed there think of it. In our time traveling, we have seen soom really good Passport America parks and some, shall we say, dumps.


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