Friday, August 16, 2013

Thursday August 15, 2013

They don’t call this place a rain forest for no reason.  It rained all night Wednesday night, and when we woke up we could still hear the patter of rain on the Alfa Roof.  Hiking didn’t seem like a good plan for the day, so we decided to drive into Port Angles, do a bit of wash and have a nice lunch.  When we were at the coin laundry, the sun was out, sort of.  Lunch was wonderful. Fish and Chips for me and Fish tacos for Craig.

When we finished and went down to the dock area it started to rain again. The town seemed rather run down and tired.  But there was some interesting public art around.

Driving back to camp we watched the clouds coming down over the mountains. It seemed the best views were in places we could not pull over. 

On Friday morning we woke to clear, sunny skies.  We are presently back to Port Angles, and are on our way up to Hurricane Ridge.  Should be a very nice day!


  1. enjoy your time at Hurricane Ridge!
    did someone say Rain?

  2. How far is Port Angeles from the Sol Duc RV Park? We've been to Port Angeles and Hurricane Ridge, but we haven't been further west than Lake Crescent and haven't visited the rain forest, so I am enjoying your blogs about it.

  3. Fish and chips - tacos, not so much lol!! Glad you are having a good time in spite of the rain.

  4. Love fish tacos as long as fish is grilled and not fried. Eager to hear about Hurricane Ridge.


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