Saturday, August 24, 2013

Re-Learning to See

When I was a young art student, my drawing teachers would often lecture us about learning to "see". Learning to look for the beauty in details. Although I have never been much of a graphic artist, I have tried to "see" the eye candy of the world.

This is one of the things I most appreciate about the photography on some of the blogs I follow.  

Most of the images I include in my posts help tell my story. The following are a few of the little things I saw as we hiked thru the dunes on Friday.

Perfect little plants being buried in the sand

Bird Bones
The only flowers for a mile

Also, when Craig wrote about the thick brush we climbed thru, I don't think he really expressed how awful and tangled it was.

We went thru this kind of stuff and found ourselves somewhat lost and surrounded on all sides without a path to follow. Not a good time! When we did finally break thru and got to the beach there was no indication which way to go to find a way home.

Someday we will look back on this and remember it as an adventure. But for today, I'm just glad we managed to find our way.


  1. Cool that you noticed those little things while you were lost. I wouldn't have wanted to try to get through that tangle!

  2. That was some tangled mess of trees and branches!

    I love your photos...the little flowers in the sand all in there perfect little neat! And the bird bones all. Leached out from the sun! Thank you so much for sharing your " eye candy of the world " with us!

  3. Sure do wish I had more of that "eye". I think I've gotten better after looking at such wonderful pictures on blogs like yours but I still don't have whatever it is to see those things.

  4. Like your creative photos. Good stuff:))

  5. I love the first photo of the line of plants buried in the sand. I'm glad you got through all that brush - you needed a scythe! It must have been heaven to get back to the motor home and sit down.

  6. The photos are eye candy! I always find it interesting on what we see when we really look. I think it's something that many of us RVers have in common. We notice stuff that the general public just takes for granted. Thanks for today's post - I find it refreshing! Although walking through brambles isn't refreshing...remember..snakes...
    But I would have done the same!

  7. Great photos! Those little yellow flowers make me want to dance when I see them. They are so "happy"

  8. Came over from Judy's blog. Isn't that something~ those plants in the desert. I love to see life where it seems impossible to be.

    I'm still fascinated by birds who land on a little bitty twig... nature... is ... the ... bomb


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