Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Next Trip Planned Already!

We arrived home at the house early Tuesday afternoon. The cleaners really did a good job even if I think they were way overpriced. The cost was almost double what the realtor had estimated, and I had thought that was too much. Oh well, it is done, and between that and all the little things the realtor did with rearranging some of our furniture and adding accent items, the place looks as good as it is going to. 

Craig was ready to move my cooking back down, but I said NO. We need to use the shower and laundry at the house, but I want to keep living in the Alfa for a while at least so the house stays "show ready". 

He went to Camping World and bought an additional 50 foot, 30 amp extension cord. That along with the one we have and the cord from the Alfa just reach a 20 amp outlet. We have an adaptor for that. He said that if it looks like we will be here for a while, and he finishes the other jobs around the place, he will put in a 30 amp outlet there. But for now we have enough power to get by with if we don't need the air conditioning. 

So, our only limitation will be the holding tanks. 

With that in mind, we have planned our next trip for the 6th thru 8th of September. A three night stay in Marin county, just across the bay from San Francisco. The park isn't very attractive, pretty much just a gravel parking lot, and the space fee is very high, over $50 per night. But it is just a 10 minute walk to the Ferry. We want to go over to San Francisco Saturday and Sunday to watch the America's Cup races. Our Realtor is holding Open House on at least one of those days, so it gets us out of the way, and gives us an opportunity to dump. I would like to just keep going, but I have a mammogram appointment on the 9th. Yuck!

Funny thing happened to me on Tuesday. While we were hiking in the National Park, we kept seeing warning signs for yellow jacket ground nests. We were careful!

When we got home, we parked the Alfa in her usual spot, Craig went off to Camping World, and I gathered up a load of laundry to take down to the house. As I was walking down I felt a sharp pinch on my inner thigh. Ouch! I reached down and brushed off a yellow jacket that was stinging me. 

I was baffled as to why it was stinging me, or where it had come from. Later when I went backup to where the Alfa was parked I saw dozens of them buzzing around several cracks and holes in the somewhat old asphalt driveway, no more than six feet from the rig.

I called Craig and told him to bring home some spray. I normally would let them be, but we can't avoid walking over them very easily and I don't want to get stung again!

I always said this property was like a National Park, but this is not a good similarity.


  1. I love that header picture. As long as you shower and use the bathroom as much as possible in the house you should be able to go quite awhile with your tanks. That's what we do when we park in our son's driveway - where we put a 30amp plug. Jim got stung just yesterday but he doesn't have any reaction. Only itched for a few minutes and then he's done. I would definitely be spraying.

  2. I also love your header picture. :) Very nice.

    I know what you are dealing with! I SO remember those days of hanging out in the rig, driveway camping and waiting to get back out on the road. I have my fingers crossed hoping for a buyer to come along for the house very soon!!

  3. We slept and cooked in the motorhome too. Showered in the house and that was easy to keep clean. Hope the house sells quickly.

  4. That header needs some kind of a subtitle. ;)

  5. The very best thing you can put on a yellow jacket sting is Absorbine Jr. I got hit with 11 of them one time mowing in the woods on our property. After putting the AJ on within 20 minutes I felt now pain and couldn't see where the buggers stung me. I have ridden a motorcycle for 31 years and always carry a small bottle of AJ with me.

  6. Love that header photo - great shot. I agree you need to do something about wasps that you are walking over. Getting stung on the inner thigh can't be fun!

  7. Your header photo is great!

    Good luck with the house, you two have worked very hard on it. I hope it sells quickly!

    EEks on the yellow jacket! I'm allegric. We had a bee infestation once in our attic. Happened so quickly, called a beekeeper. He came out & sprayed the exterior of the house with ammonia. They hate that, so left.

    Now I have problems with mud daubers eating my RV! They eat small holes in the trim & move into the exterior areas.

  8. Great header photo!

    Joe disturbed a ground nest once a few years ago...around 20 bites put him out do commission for a few careful!

    Isn't it fun to make plans....

  9. I think the deer was channeling Dad's repressed photo instincts. Wasn't he notorious for sticking his tongue out at the camera when anyone took his pic?

  10. Staying in the RV is a great idea to keep the house show ready at all times. Your tanks should keep you going for a couple weeks if you are cautious. You can always run your gray water out in the woods with a hose.


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