Sunday, May 4, 2014

Dripping Springs and Old Town Temecula

We got a text from Craig's sister Elaine today, that asked if it had sunk in yet that we will never go back to our house and this trip will never end.  Craig replied "No."

In a way, to me it feels like this new way of living has not yet really begun. Everything up to the actual closing was still a trip.  Mentally, I was prepared for having the sale fall apart and our having to go back to our house and start the process over again.  Glad it did not happen that way.

But, the month of April was still a waiting period.  The Alfa rally, although enjoyable, was a repeat of last year, same place, same people. Then we drove BACK to California to wait for our May 12 appointment at Alfateers.  The redeeming factor has been the fact that we have been able to stay at the Jojoba SKP Resort.  I will be writing a post about it before we leave next week Sunday.

Our days have been peaceful, with Craig working on a few small projects. Fortunately Temecula  has both a Lowes and a Home Depot. It is well known that even the smallest project requires a half dozen trips to the hardware store.   :)

On Friday we tried for a hike at Dripping Springs in the Cleavland National Forest. But we got a rather late start, I went to my water areobics class first, and the day proved to be quite hot.

There were many wildflowers along parts of the trail, but most of it was rough and in full sun.

Had we made it to the summit, the view was probably better than this, but the heat started to get to me and we turned back after only a mile or so.

Notice my shadow on this picture.  It was high noon when we got back down to the picnic area.  We both agreed that this might have been a good hike at 6:00 in the morning, but we just are not morning people!

Craig decided our little lunch deserved a picture.  This was his portion; two ham and cream cheese rolls, red pepper slices, a cutie orange, some dates and water.

Today (Sunday) we went into Temecula and walked around the Old Town area.  Temecula is really a very new place, and the Old Town area is mostly gift shops, restraunts, and small businesses in buildings that have been built to look old. There are a few historical locations, but I was not impressed.

We did go to the Temecula Valley History Museum, which was worth the price of entry ($2.00 donation). It was a well done, one room exhibit of the town and valley's story.

So Elaine, we are getting started a bit slowly, but we know we have a lot of time.  

We also know that this trip will end one day.


  1. Ah yes, that adjustment period. I had that same feeling after I retired, never really felt like I had really done it. Still, life shifts, you adjust, and it all feels as though it has always been that way. Maybe you can eventually schedule your travels so that you are in moderate temperatures year round! Not an easy task, for sure as you saw with us in Florida this year!

  2. the two of you are making the most of your adjustment period! glad to hear that everything went well with the sale of the house!!

  3. Took us awhile to adjust too.

  4. Once you leave California, it will probably start to sink in more. Can't wait to see where you go after your repairs. I know you're probably planning and plotting! :)

  5. Yes, I remember our first couple months thinking it was not real. We kept waiting for the 'other shoe to drop'!

  6. When I first retired I had a similar feeling, like it wasn't really real. It took a few months to pass as I gradually adapted to the new life.

    I imagine that as adventure follows adventure you will start to feel that this is your new life. Enjoy every phase!

    Staying in one spot for a while is probably a good thing to help you recover from the months and months of stress that you've been under.

  7. Up until a few years ago Old Town Temecula was old single story buildings with delightful antique stores. Living nearby in Wildomar at the time I went there a lot. Then some idiot decided that putting city hall there and adding multi-story "old looking" buildings was a good idea. Like you, I'm not impressed. So sad to see a wonderful area get buried :-(.

  8. With any life change there is an adjustment period. While we celebrated our first anniversary for us I don't think it will really set in until we don't have to come back to VT.


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