Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ford Rouge Factory Tour

I'm sitting outside the park office, enjoying the morning and using their WiFi.  I am behind in my posts, but that's OK because time is flexible when you are full-timing. 

I'm starting this post with a few answers to a couple of comments:

Kim asked: What's the insect situation up there (Upper Michigan)? What about the humidity? 
We have been in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan from mid July to mid August. The weather has been fantastic. Not too hot or humid. We have had a few rainy nights, and just two days where we preferred to stay in, but it has mostly been in the 70's to mid 80's. By bugs, I assume you mean mosquitos. We have seen very few. Of course we are not inclined to sit outside in the evenings. Every year is different, but I think we really got lucky!

That is until we got to Ontario! Daytime is not a problem. We took a lovely walk along Lake Huron on Monday, but as soon as late afternoon rolls around, the mosquitos seem to swarm over any warm body that is outdoors. We tried to take a walk on our first evening here, but were driven back in. We had not sprayed ourselves with OFF or any other repellents  We noticed that the people who where sitting outside had cans of it close at hand! 

Jodee asked: Which Dyson heater do you have? 
I bought the Dyson heater for an unheated room in the house. It looked so much nicer than the cheap old space heater I had used.  More like a piece of sculpture.  But it really did a great job of heating, and I loved its 8" diameter footprint. It stows nicely behind the passenger seat in the RV. We have only used it a few times, but it seems to work well at warming up the living area of the Alfa in the morning when it is a bit chilly.

 I bought the combination heater and fan model AM05. We have not used it as a fan yet, but we've heard that it can be great to supplement your AC in the rig when it is very hot.

Now on to what we have been doing!

We try to keep our ears open to suggestions of things to see and do. Several people told us that if we were in the Dearborn area, the Ford Museum, Village, and Rouge Factory tour was a must.

We enjoy factory tours and museums!

On Friday we went on the Ford Rouge Factory Tour in Dearborn Michigan. No photos were allowed on the tour, so I nabbed a few from the internet:

What a place! 

After seeing a couple of film presentations about the history of Ford and the plant, we went on a self-directed tour along the elevated walkway that allows you to look down on the line floor and watch as the trucks go through their final assembly. They turn out about 60 trucks an hour! They are not all black.

Since we had gotten a late start in the morning, we decided to return on Saturday for the Museum and Village.

One day for both of these was not enough for me!  I will try to get a post together about that in a few days! 


  1. Interesting tour! Thanks for addressing the insect and humidity issue.

  2. Every time I see a Ford truck I wonder why we kept the Miata and sold our great Ford truck. Oh well, that's history now.

  3. You are so close! Drive east, past Toronto to Presq'ile provincial park and I'll make you supper. It is near Trenton, Ontario.

    We are here until Sept 5th. I think you can contact me on Google+


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